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An unusual survival game with a huge open world will appear on Steam tomorrow – WhatsNew2Day


The world of Swordsmen X looks pretty nice thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

There are now survival games for every taste: we can explore the vastness of the ocean, roam through deep forests, cross cities infested with zombies or get lost in our own front yard shrunken. The survival game The Swordsmen X still offers a fairly fresh scenario and will be released on April 26, 2023 on Steam.

What is Swordsmen X?

As you might have guessed from the picture at the beginning, Swordsmen uses a Chinese setting. You explore an open world full of bamboo forests, temples and castles, and fight against humans and monsters with swords, clubs and other weapons. The trailer shows you what it looks like:

The Swordsmen X lets you explore a huge open world in April

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The Swordsmen X lets you explore a huge open world in April

However, more information about the game can be obtained from the information on Steam and the official trailers and pictures. The following features await you there:

  • Huge open world: In Swordsmen you explore an open world that is 256 square kilometers in size. (By comparison, the world of Witcher 3 is about 130 square kilometers.) To avoid getting your feet sore, you will also be able to use horses for locomotion.
  • Arcade Battle System: As you can already see in the trailer above, the fights are going to be pretty arcadian. You unleash powerful punches, use impressive combos and stay in the air for seconds. You have a variety of different medieval weapons and apparently also special abilities at your disposal.
  • Dungeons and PvP: You will find dungeons scattered throughout the world that come up with bosses and valuable loot. You not only fight against NPCs and monsters, you can also mess with other players.
  • Crafting and building: As usual for the genre, you also collect resources to build practical objects and equipment, or to build entire houses and bases.
  • Character progression: Apparently you can learn various skills that you while exploring the world find can.

By the way, don’t let her Steam page of the game To deceive. Here it is stated that the game is only available in Chinese. In fact, you can also play in English for the release, like the developers write on Discord.

How do you like the first look at Swordsmen X? Are you interested in the survival game with the unusual setting and will you put it on your wish list? Or have you already discovered it and been following the development for a long time? Which setting for a survival game would you wish for? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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