An Introduction to Military Patches

There is no way anyone can talk about the military patches without taking a trip down memory lane to the Second World War. This was a period when the United States took the center stage to become a major world power. Today, the US is celebrated as the world power but behind the glory is the strength and steadfastness of the military. Without these important people, the victory would not have been possible. For the over eleven million soldiers, almost seven hundred thousand marines, and four million sailors, the sweat and blood that made the US the world power cannot be forgotten. 

Fighting the good fight, many of them suffered and were sacrificed at the altar of peace. These living and dead veterans would be remembered for their solidarity and comradeship. The people of the United States and the world at large will remain proud of these special beings for what their units have accomplished for the nation and the world. Therefore, the military patches are in their honor. If you are looking to demonstrate solidarity to the US military, there is no better way than to display their patches.

What are Military Patches?

Military patches, also known as shoulder sleeve insignia were used by the US Armed Forces. These were very popular during the Second World War and for the most part; they were used by the Forces during the mid-50s and 60s. To ensure that these military patches didn’t fizzle out, most collectors began to acquire them to create a memorial for the military. When you check many military surplus stores today, you will find some of these patches on offer for sale. 

It may interest you to know that most of these military patches are originals. Although in some rare cases, you may find the reproduction of some rare patches in the early post-war period. These patches were reproduced to replace the missing originals. The interesting thing is that it may be difficult to differentiate between the original and the reproduction because the manufacturers did a great job of it. 

Overview of Military Patches

For the most part, patches have been regarded as an Army insignia. At some point the Marine Corps used them but along the line, they discontinued the use after the war. For the Navy, shoulder sleeve insignia was not a major part of their ensemble. The Navy surely has its traditions regarding insignia. It’s a known fact that on several occasions, the Naval wore patches as shoulder sleeve insignia. 

However, the materials for the naval insignia are different from what is available for the military patches. If what you need are military patches, you can be sure that they can’t be convinced with any other thing. Undoubtedly, many people are interested in military patches collectibles and the internet has made access to these very easy. If you are looking for military items that hold a wealth of history, you can find a wide variety from the online platform. 


So, are you interested in getting some military patches in memorial of a loved one? Or would you want to get one as a memorial for your service in the army? Of course, you can also get military patches without having a personal attachment to the military. It doesn’t matter if you have an attachment to the military or not. You can simply invest in military patches just to show your solidarity to the military. When you need to buy a pair, you can be sure to find it online. There are reputable platforms that offer numerous options of military patches that you can check out.