An Easy Guide To Downloading Videos To Your Computer

Internet usage is growing, and so are people’s needs to access digital content. While this content may come in a different form, the way we consume it has changed. For example, with the fast-paced advances in technology (that is, the internet), the way we access and watch videos has changed. In the past, entertainment came to us through televisions, DVD players, and CD players. Today, it comes to us through smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Why Download A Video To Your Computer

Downloading video directly to your laptop or PC has many benefits, most of them relating to bandwidth and internet access.

  • Ease of access: It is far easier to download a video directly so that you can watch it wherever and whenever you want.
  • Internet access: Online and on-demand are great, but if the internet isn’t working or a power cut, you are out of luck.
  • Data usage: If you have a limited data allowance from your mobile network or internet, you will quickly speed through your data allowance.
  • Risk of takedown: There is sometimes a risk that a video you enjoy will get taken down by the provider, so to be safe, you want to download it.

Methods To Download

You must first decide what videos you want to download and then choose the various methods accordingly.


It’s the world’s most popular video streaming service globally, and with millions of videos, there are plenty of reasons to want to download them. Most people will use this service for music because it is inadvertently one of the largest online music providers alongside Apple Music and Spotify. However, the music comes in the form of a video rather than streamed as with other services. As a result, if you want to listen to your favorite music or watch your videos offline, you will need to download it. The problem is that YouTube doesn’t have a specific feature to download to Mp4, so you will have to use an online service. There are lots of options, and they typically work by entering the URL of the YouTube video and selecting what format you want it converted into ready for downloading. For example, if you only wish to listen to music without video, you would choose the Mp3 option.

Conversely, if you want to download the entire video, you should select the Mp4 option. You then choose a location on your computer where you want it to download and get it started. The entire process usually doesn’t take more than several minutes to complete, and once you have completed the process, it will be safe on your computer.


Netflix is perhaps the most popular video streaming service on the planet, and for a good reason. There are a large number of good TV shows and movies available on Netflix. There are so many that you can end up binge-watching for hours. Nevertheless, as with all streaming services, its fatal flaw is that you need internet access to watch your shoes, and it must be fast. On the plus side, Netflix offers the ability to download the movie or TV show of your choice with a few simple steps.

  1. Find the movie you want to download.
  2. Look for the download button.
  3. Click and download.

It doesn’t get more straightforward than that! Additionally, they also incorporate a unique option whereby you will delete it from your hard drive to free up space once you have watched the download show. This is optional, so you don’t need to turn it on if you don’t want to.

However, there is a pretty significant caveat being that you only get seven days to watch the show before it “auto deletes.” This is to protect Netflix from piracy claims. While that can be slightly annoying, the fact that this option is offered is still valuable. Furthermore, you are allowed to download it again if you wish.


So this is the legal grey area part where you can choose to download illegally or legally. To be clear, this post doesn’t endorse illegal downloads but is included since, for better or worse, they are still available. Essentially you find a torrent site and choose the show you want to download. You copy the “magnet link” and then place it into a torrent client of your choice. The program will begin to collect a bit of information from other computers stored and piece it together in your computer. Torrenting itself is not illegal and is merely a method of downloading parts of information piecemeal. It is a very efficient method of download.

There are multiple reasons you will decide to download a video. Still, the main reason is that it gives you the ability to watch it at the time and place of your choice without worrying about internet connections.