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An Austrian village builds a barrier to obscure the landscape and deter tourists from taking selfies


The Austrian village of Hallstatt, which is popular with fans of taking selfies due to its similarity to the village in which Disney’s “Frozen” series was filmed, has erected a wooden barrier to block the view overlooking the Alps, in an effort to curb excessive tourism.

“We have responded to the complaints of the residents of the area,” said a municipal official, who asked not to be named.

Hallstatt, famous for its traditional houses overlooking a pristine lake and its pointed church tower, attracted about a million visitors annually before the Covid-19 pandemic, and returned to a popular place for netizens.

They assert that Hallstatt, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, served as a source of inspiration for Disney in the “Frozen” series.

By placing the wooden barrier, the local authorities hope to reduce the flow of tourists to one of the most popular places for selfies, which causes great noise pollution.

The duration of keeping the checkpoint depends on the reactions that will result from the decision, according to the local official.

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