An Australian mum received old shoes instead of the speaker she ordered from Kmart

Shopper opens her Kmart package for Christmas and finds something very unexpected inside: ‘This is disgusting’

  • An Aussie mom got an unexpected surprise when she opened her package
  • She picked up what was intended to be a click-and-collect portable speaker
  • She says she found six mismatched “used shoes” from the brand in the box instead



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An Australian mother was devastated when she found an unexpected surprise in the Kmart package she bought for Christmas via click and collect.

The mom ordered a $70 portable Bluetooth speaker with lights, but when she opened the box, she was shocked to find six unmatched “used shoes.”

Many Kmart fans were shocked by the bizarre find, while others claim to have experienced the same problem themselves.

Others think that thieves steal items from the store and return the empty box filled with rubbish.

An Australian Mom Ordered A $70 Bluetooth Speaker From Kmart (Pictured)

When She Opened The Package, She Was Shocked To See A Pile Of Old Mismatched Shoes (Pictured)

When She Opened The Package, She Was Shocked To See A Pile Of Old Mismatched Shoes (Pictured)

An Aussie mom ordered a $70 Bluetooth speaker from Kmart (left), but when she opened the package, she was shocked to see a pile of old mismatched shoes (right)

“I bought this portable speaker online through click and collect, but when I open the box, there are used shoes in the box and no speaker,” the shocked mother said when she uploaded her after to a Facebook group.

The mother didn’t notice that the box weighed less than a speaker normally would.


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“I was holding other stuff so I didn’t notice the difference, but the weight of these shoes would be about the same, there were six separate shoes in the box.”

She said the story was so ridiculous she nearly had a “complete nervous breakdown” that would make the worrying staff not believe her.

A Kmart spokesperson told FEMAIL they are “disappointed” with the experience and asked the customer to contact them directly.

“We want everyone who shops with us, whether in-store or online, to have an enjoyable shopping experience,” they said.

“We would welcome the opportunity to speak directly to the customer and encourage them to reach out to our customer service team.”

How to avoid online shopping scams during the holiday season:

* Shop with Trusted Sites – Navigate directly to known and trusted websites, avoid unknown sites with incredibly low prices, and look for reviews of the site if you haven’t bought from them before

* Make sure your payment is secure – when you are about to make a purchase the web address should always start with ‘https’ and a closed padlock icon to indicate it is encrypted

* Beware of phishing emails and messages – don’t click on suspicious links sent to you

* Be careful with public Wi-Fi networks – cybercriminals can hack into public networks, so make sure you don’t make purchases or do online banking over a public network

* Keep your social media private – limit the number of strangers who can follow you and don’t share any personal information


Different people had their own theories about what happened.

“I would say they bought the speaker and returned it with the shoes in it and got their money back and no one checked the box when it came back,” one woman suspected.

Some unhappy customers had experienced the situation themselves.

“This happened to my son when he bought a phone. The box contained dirty socks and stones. Apparently people buy it, take it out, fill the box with cr*p and seal it up and get their money back,” said one mother.

“Omg, this happened to us a few Christmases ago! Instead of opening a scooter on Christmas Day, my son opened a box of wood and rubbish. It also had to be a present from Santa Claus. Thank goodness you found it before Christmas Day!” a mother noticed.

An employee of a store used to say: ‘People return garbage and seal it’.

“I never pay back until I look inside. They get very nervous and say it’s not open and I say my job is at stake if I don’t check it. Usually they just walk away really fast and I know it’s fraudulent,” she said.

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