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An American company is looking into the possibility of replacing its employees with artificial intelligence techniques


The evolution of artificial intelligence in applications such as ChatGPT has meant that less complex work can be done more easily, such as some HR tasks, data management, and other repetitive operations.

The CEO of the American technology giant IBM revealed that he is looking to reduce the workforce in the administrative sector of his company by about a third, because these jobs have become redundant due to the development of artificial intelligence technologies.

Arvind Krishna said in an interview with Bloomberg Channel Monday that his company will issue a decision to temporarily halt back-office hiring, noting that 7,800 jobs are likely to be cut over several years.

Crencha added that these businesses that do not require direct interaction with customers are occupied by about “26,000 employees,” noting that “I can easily replace 30% of them over five years with artificial intelligence and automated work.”

The Bloomberg report indicated that administrative office employees are just a small part of about 260,000 IBM employees, and the company has continued to hire in certain areas even after laying off about 5,000 people in other sectors.

Simple tasks

But in a statement to AFP on Tuesday, an IBM spokesperson warned that there was currently no temporary hiring halt at the Armonk, New York-based company.

“We are very selective when hiring in areas that don’t directly touch our customers or technology,” he added.

The evolution of AI that has emerged in applications such as ChatGPT has made it possible to carry out less complex work more easily, such as some HR tasks, data management and other repetitive operations.

A study conducted by Goldman Sachs in March indicated that as many as 300 million jobs could be lost due to artificial intelligence.

But despite the shock caused by the release of “GPT Chat” in the world late last year, the technology developed by “OpenEye” with the support of Microsoft is prone to mistakes, which prompted companies to use it for only simple tasks now.

And on Monday, Jeffrey Hinton, who can be considered the godfather of artificial intelligence, announced his departure from working with the artificial intelligence research team at Google, and he criticized Microsoft for its rapid move in making “GBT Chat” available to people.

Hinton said competition among tech giants is driving them to launch new AI technologies at breakneck speeds, threatening jobs and posing a threat to society.

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