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An abandoned pet becomes an award-winning police dog


Abandoned pet found ‘wandering the streets’ because owner ‘didn’t want him’ becomes award-winning police dog

An abandoned stray found roaming the streets is now an award-winning police dog.

PD Buzz was found on the streets of Bradford, West Yorkshire, in August 2021, and although he had his owner’s address, they didn’t want him, meaning the puppy ended up at Cliff Kennells in Barnsley.

But PD Buzz’s fate all changed when he began to show potential as a police dog and during his first 12 months on the force, he assisted officers with 26 arrests, 71 chases and 38 missing person searches.

The once lovable pooch has done so well to himself, even being awarded Animal of the Year by South Yorkshire Police.

His role in the force is “fundamental”, detaining prolific criminals, identifying persons and property and protecting his partner-in-crime PC Ashley Green.

PD Buzz has done quite well for himself, even being awarded Animal of the Year by South Yorkshire Police

In October last year, PD Buzz traced the scent of a woman who was being threatened by an aggressive man, which led to his arrest.

“Over the past year, Buzz has shifted from strength to strength, which shows he was made to be a police dog,” said BC Green.

I joined the canine department in 2021 and got involved with PD Buzz in 2022. Our relationship is strong, and I trust he will protect me.

His difficult start in life did not affect his loyalty and ability to protect, we respect each other and face everything as a team.

Our first year was amazing, and I think I have the best job in the world, spending every day with my best friend. I look forward to what the next chapter of our careers holds.

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