Amy Vulcz diagnosed with MND motor neurone disease months after giving birth to second daughter

A motor neurone-related illness caused a mother to lose her baby, and she was just as excited about the birth of her second child.

Amy Vulcz and her partner Simon welcomed their baby daughter, Georgia, in May before the family’s plans were devastated by the shock diagnosis.

The mother-to be had experienced a variety odd symptoms during the nine months before giving birth. Ms Vulcz was able to fix them. They were just pregnancy-related, I shrugged them off.

The first signs of the debilitating condition were obvious signs such as her walking stride changing, which caused her to fall more often.

Ms. Vulcz experienced difficulty using cutlery to cut meals within one week of giving birth. This was in addition to a sharp decline her strength.

Mother of two Amy Vulcz (pictured)  has been hit with a horror diagnosis of motor neurone disease after originally dismissing motor issues as pregnancy symptoms

Over The Course Of Her Pregnancy, The Mother Of Two Suffered Motor Issues Which She Shrugged Off As Standard Pregnancy Symptoms. It Started With Her Walking Stride Changing, Causing Her To Have Regular Falls And She Experienced Severe Cramps And Leg Spasms

The mother of two experienced motor issues throughout her pregnancy. She dismissed them as normal pregnancy symptoms. She experienced frequent falls, her walking stride changed, severe cramps, and leg spasms.

She She initially dismissed the signs, but Hannah, her one-year old toddler, knocked her over, made it clear that something was seriously wrong.

She underwent several tests including MRIs of her brain and spine, nerve conduction tests, a lumbar puncture and many blood tests. She spent a week in hospital to continue testing.

Three months after giving birth, the 27 year-old was finally diagnosed as having motor neurone disorder (MND). This is a progressive decline in the function of the nerve cells controlling muscles.

A GoFundMe Jess Arnott is her best friend and has set up an account that has raised more then $50,000.


– Weakness of grip and hands

– Slurring

– A tendency for you to trip and weakness in your legs

– A weak shoulder that makes lifting difficult

– Muscle twitches and cramps


The fundraising appeal revealed that the disease has rendered her unable for’simple everyday tasks’ such as dressing and showering.

‘She You can’t eat without difficulty. She can’t drive and needs a walker to get around the house and a wheelchair when in crowds and travelling long distances,’ the page states.

“Amy is unable to even pick up her children anymore. It’s not the same six months ago.

Ms. Vulcz, who resides on Victoria’s south shore, said 7News When she was first diagnosed with the disease, she didn’t even know what it was.

Ms. Vulcz explained that because everyone is affected by it differently, there is no structure that it follows. So, for some people, it affects their speech first.

“I’m fortunate at the moment that my speech, eating, and talking abilities are still intact. It’s amazing that this is what sometimes happens first for people.

It can make you completely useless in your own body, it’s terrible.

The disease affects a majority of men between 50 and 70, which is why the mother-of-two’s diagnosis was so shocking.

“Everyone was shocked that there isn’t anyone in our family with any type of neuropathy or muscular disease that could potentially cause life-altering effects,” Ms Vulcz stated.

‘It’s unbelievable – no one knows what to say. You come together and try to figure out what needs to happen.

A Gofundme Page Has Been Set Up To Support Ms Vulcz Ongoing Treatment. The Fundraiser Has Raised More Than $50,000

Ms. Vulcz is receiving ongoing treatment through GoFundMe. The fundraiser has raised over $50,000

The 27-year old was diagnosed with cancer and has been treated. She has seen some improvement.

However, her treatment is being hampered due to her breastfeeding her baby girl. She can’t use the only medication approved for this condition in Australia.

After receiving the devastating diagnosis, Simon and she drafted their marriage plans and were married earlier this month. 

According to the GoFundMe page, the funds will be used for her ongoing care and treatment.

The GoFundMe page states that Amy wanted to be a mom her entire life.

‘Her The diagnosis means that this has tragically been taken away from her. She and her family will need to look for a new, complex, and very unique way of life.

Simon will eventually have to give up his job to care for Amy.

“When this happens, the family will need financial support to be capable of affording basic daily necessities.”


Motor neurone diseases (MND) are a grouping of diseases.

These diseases affect nerves called motor nerves or motor neurones.

– These neurones die in MND.

This causes the muscles to weaken and Weaker

– This eventually leads into paralysis 

– The MND group includes Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also known by amytrophic lateral sclerosis, PMA, progressive bulbar palsy, PBP, primary lateral sclerosis, and Kennedy’s Disease, also known to be spinal and bulbar muscular arophy (SBMA). 


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