Among us get ‘full art style revamp’ in future update


Among us changes its appearance. In a post on his site, developer InnerSloth said his plans have “completely updated the art style with cleaner lines and a simpler animation process”.

Since InnerSloth became the breakthrough hit of 2020, it has refocused its efforts on improving and updating the game, even going so far as to cancel a planned sequel. Today InnerSloth said it will also expand its lobby to a maximum of 15 players. The developer added that it plans to provide players with more frequent, transparent updates to help players learn more about the behind the scenes of the game.

The game is getting a new map, Airship, on all platforms today. The map – the game’s fourth – adds new tasks, including emptying the trash and polishing jewels, as well as additional hats and skins. This also applies to the so-called “chocolate ice cream” hat, which looks suspiciously like poo. It’s poop.