Amnesia: Rebirth has a new ‘Adventure Mode’ with no monsters, new puzzles and more lights


If you like puzzles and spooky deserts, but not darkness and gruesome ghosts, Swedish studio Frictional has a new version of its game Amnesia: rebirth for you. A less stressful “Adventure Mode” is added Rebirth today via GOG, Steam and the Epic Store. The PlayStation version of the game will be getting Adventure mode in the coming weeks.

Amnesia: rebirth, Released last year, is a strong sequel to the notoriously scary Amnesia: The Dark DescentAdventure mode removes encounters with Rebirth‘s countless monsters, as well as special effects that damaged the mental state of the protagonist Tasi. It also adds light to the game’s spookier levels, so players don’t have to ration matches or face the darkness. And Frictional says it adds bonus puzzles to Adventure mode, so while you may spend less time sneaking and hiding, you theoretically have more classic adventure game mechanics to make up for it.

Frictional Games

As Amnesia: rebirth creative leader Fredrik Olsson describes it: “The game still has its very serious theme and at times a nerve-racking vibe, but the new mode feels much more like a Indiana Jones kind of adventure in places where it would otherwise be more of a horror experience. “

Adventure Mode is similar to the safe mode added by Frictional to his 2015 horror game SomaBut safe mode was a relatively simple mod that kept monsters from attacking players, broadening the profession of a world where failure can be seriously frustrating. Games like Hades and Celeste have adopted similar systems, boosting players who want to enjoy the standard game on a lower difficulty setting.

Adventure mode sounds like a broader aesthetic change in a game that helped players move forward even when they ‘died’, albeit against subtle storylines. It is intended to make the overall atmosphere more accessible, or as Frictional puts it, to remove “terrifying and deeply disturbing elements present in the original game.” It sounds a bit more like Assassin’s Creed Origins educational mode, which swapped combat for a museum-style tour – although Frictional still keeps players focused Rebirth original story.

Frictional expressed his ambivalence about giving Rebirth a “safe mode” for launch, to tell Vice that removing samples “wouldn’t make sense from a story.” Adventure Mode can get around that problem by customizing the game’s entire world, not just the parts that can kill you.