American couple describe moment New Zealand volcano erupted in trailer for new Netflix documentary

A couple from America who suffered severe burns when a volcano in New Zealand erupted during their honeymoon, claimed that they believed they were “going to die” in a Netflix documentary. 

In a trailer for The Volcano, a minute-by-minute account of the survivor’s stories, couple Matthew and Lauren Urey, of Richmond, Virginia, describe the moment they thought they believed it was all over.

“This is it,” I thought. Matthew held his wife’s hands and recalled that they were going to die during their honeymoon. Close-up shots show the extent of heat injury to their hands. 

Matthew sustained burns on 80 per cent of his body. Lauren suffered burns on 25 per cent of her body. Lauren stated that her body felt’sizzling’ in an exclusive interview she did with in 2020. 

The couple decided on hiking up the volcano and were told it would not be difficult. 

Matthew said that “they didn’t make the movie sound dangerous,” in the documentary’s executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio.  

When the volcano erupted there were 47 people on the island, including nine Americans. Only 26 survived the blast.

All those who survived the tragedy sustained burns, some up to 90% of their bodies.

It was a miracle, the couple believes.

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American couple Matt Urey (from the USA) was on their honeymoon in New Zealand, when Lauren Urey died.

Matthew Endured Burns On 80 Percent Of His Body , While Lauren Had Burns On 25 Percent Of Hers.

 Matthew sustained burns on 80 per cent of his body while Lauren suffered burns on 25 per cent.

When The Couple Decided To Hike Up The Volcano, They Were Told It Would Be A 'Nice, Easy Hike.' 'They Didn'T Make It Sound Dangerous,' Matthew Said In The Documentary

When The Couple Decided To Hike Up The Volcano, They Were Told It Would Be A 'Nice, Easy Hike.' 'They Didn'T Make It Sound Dangerous,' Matthew Said In The Documentary

 The couple decided to hike up the volcano. They were told that it would be a pleasant, easy hike. Matthew stated that they didn’t make the hike seem dangerous in the documentary. Leonardo DiCaprio is the executive producer.

'I Thought: &Quot;This Is It. We'Re Going To Die On Our Honeymoon,&Quot;' Matthew Recalled As He Held His Wife'S Hand

“This is it,” I thought. Matthew said, “We’re going be dying on our honeymoon.” He held his wife’s hand.

Authorities declared the island too dangerous to rescue, and left survivors on their own.

An official stated at the time that “At this stage it is too dangerous to police and rescue services reach the island.” But rescuers continued to go.

Unnamed rescuers stated that “Doing nothing was impossible.” ‘We’d do it ourselves.’ 

Another rescuer said that authorities needed more help as they were unable to find more survivors. 

Rescuers were able to find 39 people on the Island, but not all of them survived. 

The Couple Suffered Severe Burns From The Explosion, They Spent Six Months Recovering

The explosion caused severe burns to the couple. They spent six long months in recovery. 

Matthew'S Legs Were Incredibly Burned During The Eruption, As He Was Wearing Shorts

Matthew’s legs were extremely burnt by the eruption. 

Their Hands Suffered Several Burns S Well, With Severely Scarred Skin Still Present A Year After The Event (Pictured)

Their Hands Suffered Several Burns S Well, With Severely Scarred Skin Still Present A Year After The Event (Pictured)

The burns to their hands left them with severe scarring a year later (pictured).

The Couple Endured Many Surgeries To Help Minimize The Scarring

To minimize scarring, the couple had to have many operations. 

They were walking with a group of tourists on the island when the couple witnessed the silent eruption of ash from its center. The couple fled their home and ran for their lives in a matter of seconds. 

They tried to hide behind a rock by the water, but the dark cloud filled with volcanic gas quickly engulfed the island.

Lauren grabbed her husband’s hand as ash and debris fell, and she told him she loved and cherished him.

Lauren said, “I thought it would only be seconds before I would die,” TVNZ 2020

“It was one of the most frightening and darkest things I have ever seen.” Matthew said that you couldn’t see your hand in front your face.

“You could feel your skin burning and sizzling.” According to him, you could feel rocks hitting your hard cap.

“If I grabbed something, my hands just slid off because of my skin peeling.”

The couple made it to the island’s shore, but Lauren had lost the respirator and was inhaling noxious gas.

As their skin blistered, other survivors might be heard screaming out for help from nearby boats.

The boat came back to rescue the group despite the danger. However, the victims had to endure a 90-minute journey to shore.

Lauren replied, “It’s torture.”

The Volcano Erupted On December 9 With 47 People On The Island

The volcano erupted with 47 people on the Island on December 9. 

The Tourists Saw A Silent Cloud Of Ash Mushroom Over The Volcano Before They Were Stuck And Authorities Said It Was Too Dangerous For Rescuers To Come. Rescuers Went On Their Own And Saved More Than 30 People

Before they got stuck, the tourists noticed a silent cloud over the volcano that was covered in ash mushrooms. Authorities said it was too dangerous to send rescuers. More than 30 people were saved by rescuers who rushed to their aid.  

“I was certain that this was the end for us both. Matthew: “I don’t know how they survived.”

They spent nearly two months in separate hospitals recovering from their injuries.

They returned to the United States in January, and were treated at a hospital until being released in February.

Lauren and Matthew had to wear compression clothes for several months in order to heal. They also had several additional surgeries. 

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