Amenities You Should Surely Consider While Moving Into A PG In Dehradun

Dehradun attracts a huge number of tourists every year, but did you know that it is also one of the most beautiful places you could choose to get a good education? Home to many reputed colleges, this hill-town is now dotted with PG accommodations and rental spaces catering to students who migrate here every academic season to pursue higher education opportunities. But finding great accommodation requires a bit of research with the vast distances, tricky roads, and limited amenities that the place offers, as compared to metropolitan cities. That’s why the rise of professional accommodation providers like Stanza Living has been a boon to rental accommodation in Dehradun. Eons ahead of the PGs in Dehradun, they offer a host of amenities ranging from fully-furnished rooms, meals, laundry, housekeeping, internet, entertainment zones and gaming spaces, terraces, and more, designed to provide a home-like vibe and meet the needs of the current generation.

So, before you go checking for the best PG in Dehradun, here are some amenities you should definitely not have to compromise on. Do ensure that your landlord provides these for sure:


Food is one of the most significant worries of people relocating – from the availability of options to getting used to the taste, there can be quite a few challenges in a new place. While you do need to adjust to what is offered by the PG owner, it should not be a compromise on hygiene, health, or taste. Not all PGs might have the option to include food costs in the rent amount, or they might not have the best food service. This can be a hassle in the long run as you might have to shell out extra, eat out often, or even get your own cook to manage meals. Hence, you should consider professionally managed accommodation operators who not only ensure these worries are non-existent but are also adaptable to your meal requirements. From flexible menu options to incorporating your feedback on meals served, they maintain a consumer-friendly service.

Network Issues

Internet issues can get on the nerves, especially in hilly locales. Considering you are dependent on the internet for everything from learning to entertainment, a reliable solution for this is needed. Have this discussion with your landlord ahead of time regarding access to rapid wifi, so that you can do your work easily and don’t face any problems later on. Learn from those around you what are the best options available and accordingly get the service, if needed.

Choose a Well-connected Area

Check the area around your accommodation properly and make sure it isn’t isolated. One should move to a locality that is a bit happening and well-connected. Even if you have to stay a bit far from the college, make sure that there is easy and safe access to transport. Also, having facilities like a market, emergency medical clinic, restaurants, etc. is very critical. Certain new-age accommodation providers also offer transport services for residents, so you might want to check out those.

Security Services

Your security is one of the prime concerns of your family since you were in their shadow for a long time and are now moving out to live independently. For managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living, your safety and security are prime concerns, just like they are for your family. They ensure your safety by offering tech-enabled security through CCTV cameras, biometric access, and on-location 24/7 security guards. At the same time, they value your independence so have adaptable policies that factor in your security without being restrictive.

These are some of the amenities that one should take into account before finalizing a PG in Dehradun. These are extremely critical to a hassle-free living experience so opt for an accommodation that provides you such all-inclusive amenities.