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AMC Developing Third Series of Anne Rice’s Novels


AMC wants to expand its Anne Rice franchise.

The cable outlet develops a third series to run alongside Interview with the vampire And Mayfair Witches in what AMC calls its “Anne Rice Immortal Universe”. The potential show would focus on the secretive Talamasca organization featured in several of Rice’s novels and introduced onscreen through the Mayfair Witches character Ciprien Grieve, played by Tongayi Chirisa.

Oscar nominee John Lee Hancock (The blind side, the little things) will serve as showrunner and writer on the project, which AMC Networks entertainment president and AMC Studios head Dan McDermott announced Tuesday during the network’s pre-presentation.

“To the enthusiastic critical and fan reception Interview And mayfair is a great sign of things to come in this immersive universe based on the work of Anne Rice,” McDermott said in a statement. “We are excited to be actively developing the next installment in this growing franchise written and hosted by the incomparable John Lee Hancock. The Talamasca is one of the most intriguing elements of Rice’s work and a common thread through so many of her stories. The standalone and crossover potential for this third series is immense.”

The Talamasca project is one of three announcements McDermott made Tuesday at AMC Networks in New York. He also unveiled two new shows on WE: Toya & Reginaea Growing up hip-hop spin-off centered around Lil Wayne’s ex-wife and daughter, and Bev is the bossa scripted series based on the life of music manager Deb Antney who counts Jamie Foxx among its executive producers.

In Rice’s novels, the Talamasca are a group over a thousand years old who are devoted to studying and describing the supernatural world, and protecting mortals from the darkest elements. If it continues, it would join Interview with the vampire And Mayfair Witchesboth of which have been renewed for a second season.

AMC Networks landed rights to 18 of Rice’s novels, including The Vampire Chronicles and the Mayfair Witches trilogy, in a 2020 deal. Producer Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad, Halt and Catch Fire) oversees the development of the franchise.

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