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Amazon’s Paper Girls series messes with the timeline in first trailer

Like a new season of Weird stuff wasn’t enough 80s themed sci-fi for you, Amazon has decided to release the first trailer for the upcoming Paper Girls series. The teaser is incredibly short, but it shows off some of the time-traveling shenanigans viewers can expect, along with a very pink color palette.

Paper Girls began life as a 30-issue comic strip by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang that followed four newspaper deliverers who were sucked into a long-running war between different time-traveling groups. It has a lot of classic 80s adventure movie elements – like kids riding bikes around town – before going in its own direction to get extremely weird and interesting.

The series stars Sofia Rosinsky, Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet and Fina Strazza as the main four girls, while Ali Wong is cast as the older version of Erin Tieng. Here’s the premise for the show, via Amazon:

It’s the day after Halloween in 1988, when four young friends accidentally find themselves caught up in an intense time war and inexplicably transported to the year 2019. When they come face to face with their adult selves, each girl discovers her. own strengths as they try to find their way back to the past together while saving the world from the future.

While it’s been relatively quiet since Amazon took over the rights to the show in 2019, the studio has taken care a very short tease from the main cast prior to the trailer’s release.

Paper Girls starts streaming on July 29, giving you plenty of time to catch up on the books beforehand, which you should definitely do.

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