Amazon’s latest generation Kindle Oasis e-reader costs $ 170 at Woot


If you missed Woot’s deal a few weeks ago that offered refurbished Kindle Oasis e-readers for $ 100, there’s a great deal going on today. The last generation version of the Oasis is available again, but it is new with special offers (Amazon’s lock screen ads) and costs $ 170For context, a new Oasis costs $ 250As for what’s different between the current model and this one, you’re missing a screen that can adjust the color temperature to suit your environment. But you still get a waterproof e-reader that feels more like a book to use than other models, says my colleague Chaim Gartenberg.

This deal continues in the 32GB model in gold. The sale will end later today, if it is not the first to sell out.

Amazon Kindle Oasis e-reader (previous generation)

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The Oasis was Amazon’s first waterproof Kindle e-reader. While the latest version costs $ 250 new, you can save a lot of money (without specifying a lot of specs) on the previous generation.

Best Buy offers big discounts on various Apple-made iPhone casesIncluded in the package are cases for the iPhone 12 mini with MagSafe support, the iPhone 11 Pro series, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max and more. The range includes leather cases, smart battery cases and silicone cases.

Leather case for iPhone 12 mini MagSafe

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Buy an Apple-made leather case for your iPhone 12 mini for over 50 percent off at Best Buy. These are MagSafe compatible and work with the MagSafe charger made for this phone.

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Several retailers have lowered the price of the new Echo Show 10 smart display to $ 200 (from $ 250), which is the best price yet. But you can only check out at Amazon with a free Ring smart bulb added to the order at no extra cost. There have been a few models of the Echo Show 10, but this one has a motorized base that allows the screen to rotate to remain visible as you move around the room. My colleague Dan Seifert recently posted a review about it, so check it out if you’re curious about more.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (latest generation)

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Amazon’s new rotating Echo Show 10 has a motor in the cylindrical base that rotates the 10.1-inch screen to find you, so you always have the screen in view. This deal at Amazon includes a free Ring smart bulb.

A reputable seller on eBay sells “not pink” Google Pixel 3s with 64 GB of storage for just $ 170. Each phone is carrier unlocked and sealed in its original packaging. As a Pixel 3 owner, this price seems right to me for a new model. The battery life on this phone isn’t great, but the stock Android software, camera performance and display quality are still fantastic a few years later. When you have a cap of $ 200 for a new phone to use on any carrier, it’s hard to beat this value. However, you should know that Android 12 may be the last major software update to come to this model.

Google sells this refurbished model for $ 250 in its online store, just to illustrate how good this deal is for a new phone.

Google Pixel 3

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Released in 2018, the Google Pixel 3 is a solid contender for smartphones with great cameras at a competitive price.