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Amazon’s Eero routers are updated with Apple HomeKit support

Amazon’s Eero routers are getting a new update today: add support for Apple’s HomeKit smart home system.

The update allows Eero routers to integrate with Apple’s Home app (like other HomeKit-compatible routers) for more detailed control over other HomeKit accessories connected to the Internet.

To set up the new feature, you must use the Eero iOS app, go to the “Discover” tab, and follow the instructions to set up HomeKit. As a peculiarity of Apple’s HomeKit system, Apple recommends that once you have configured your Eero router with the Home app, users will remove their Wi-Fi HomeKit products and re-add them to the app for “a more secure connection.” ” It is annoying, but it is something that you only have to do once.

The benefits of setting up Eero routers with HomeKit are simple: Apple’s Home app offers three options for limiting internet connectivity for smart home devices, allowing you to have a more secure configuration (something that is important given the often problematic nature of connected devices).

HomeKit offers three security levels:

  • Limit to home: devices “can only communicate with HomeKit through your Apple devices, without any Internet access (meaning that some things, such as firmware updates, don’t work)
  • Automatic: the standard option, which allows limited internet access to HomeKit and “manufacturer-recommended connections”
  • No limitation: devices can “communicate with any device on your network or internet-based service”

The HomeKit security features are an addition to the existing Eero security features, which will continue to work even if you use HomeKit. HomeKit is supported on all Eero, Eero Pro and Eero Beacon devices with eeroOS 3.18.0 or later and should be available from today.