Amazon's Echo Glow is a $ 29 lamp for Alexa dance parties and bedtime stories

Amazon is introducing a new Echo companion device today, Echo Glow. It's a small bulbous lamp that you can tap to change the color, and it can be blink to do lights for an Alexa-powered dance party (yes, really). The Echo Glow is similar to Amazon's Echo Buttons that the company launched for $ 20 two years ago, and this lamp is designed to complement Echo and Alexa devices.


Alexa users will be able to ask the digital assistant for a flickering campfire light for kids, a sleep timer that will gradually dim the light at bedtime, and the dance party mode that kicks off music and lights. The Echo Glow will also cycle through rainbow colors. Echo Glow will be available for preorder in the US today, priced at $ 29.99.

Developing. Check out our Amazon hardware event live blog for the latest updates!

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