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Amazon today unveiled a new program in the US and UK that donates unwanted products from external Marketplace sellers instead of sending them to the garbage dump, according to a CNBC report.


In the new program, called Fulfilled by Amazon Donations, hundreds of thousands of products that external suppliers could not sell will go to non-profit organizations in the US and a series of British charities such as Newlife and Barnardo, CNBC reports. Earlier, Allegedly, Amazon has left products in its warehouses those sellers could not unload. Often products are left in warehouses because they have been returned or certain batches of stock contain some sort of defect.

At one point, a single Amazon factory sent 293,000 products to a garbage dump over a nine-month period, CBS News reported in May. The issue was particularly serious in France, where one documentary in January Amazon's detailed product removal practices in the country, which threw 3 million televisions in 2018 alone.

FBA donations take effect from 1 September. It becomes the standard option for Marketplace sellers who choose to have Amazon store and distribute their products, a core feature of the Marketplace platform that makes it the most widely used third-party selling option in the US and larger than Amazon & # 39; s own North American retail division.

The goal is to reduce waste and offer sellers a more environmentally friendly and cheaper way to get rid of unsold stock. Prior to the new program, Amazon charged 35 cents less, or just 15 cents per unit, to throw away a product instead of donating it. Among FBA donations, that reimbursement scheme is expected to change to encourage donations above removal, although CNBC does not specify the exact cost changes.

Amazon did not respond immediately to a request for comment.