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Amazon Prime Video wants to take care of an annoying problem that often plagues series and films – WhatsNew2Day


Prime Video gets a sound upgrade.

A new feature has been introduced on the Prime Video streaming platform: Dialogue Boost. This emerges from an announcement published yesterday, April 18th aboutamazon.com has been published.

What is Dialogue Boost? With the function Dialogue Boost should increase the volume of dialogue relative to background noise. In other words: Spoken language in films and series should be easier to hear. The function was originally developed with hearing-impaired customers in mind.

Example from everyday life: A familiar annoyance when streaming series or films: you watch Kevin Spacey operating his rowing machine in House of Cards – and explaining the world of the old white man to the viewers at the same time. But: You don’t understand a word (acoustically, not in terms of content).

The reason for this can be an unsuccessful sound mix, in which the audience hears powerful explosions, but dialogues, monologues and other exchanges of words fizzle out audibly. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case when it comes to streaming.

For the audiophile boost in the streaming adventure park: AI eliminates difficulties in understanding.

For the audiophile boost in the streaming adventure park: AI eliminates difficulties in understanding.

How does Dialogue Boost work? The function makes use of artificial intelligence. In a first step, the AI ​​analyzes the original sound of the moving image content. In a second step, she then identifies those passages in the film that are difficult to hear – hemmed in between sound effects and orchestral music. The affected areas are isolated by the AI; this should make those passages easier to understand.

Availability: Dialogue Boost should be available on any output device (whether smartphone or smart TV). An additional device should not be necessary – apart from an ongoing membership with Amazon Prime.

By the way: Alana Friedrichs recently reported on a frequently discussed hot topic when it comes to streaming with competitor Netflix.

Restrictions: Currently, the feature is limited to select content – including the original versions of the films and series below:

  • The political thriller series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
  • The comedic series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • The romantic comedy The Big Sick

Although the function currently only affects a few titles, Amazon says it intends to expand Dialogue Boost to other titles in the near future.

Also available for the German audio track? It is not yet known whether the function will also be available for synchronous soundtracks, such as the German one.

How does the new feature sound to you? Tired of fumbling around with the audio settings just because the responsible audio mixer – to put it bluntly – had to be creative? Feel free to listen to the comments – and of course also write there.

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