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Amazon offers discounts on the best 4K OLED TV for gaming at its lowest price yet

Upgrading to a more powerful gaming console or PC naturally gives you better gaming performance, but you need a good TV to really witness all the graphical improvements. Fortunately, our favorite 4K TV for gaming, LG’s OLED C1 is currently on sale for its lowest price yet on Amazon. The best deal can be found on the 65-inch model, which is discounted to $1,597, more than $50 cheaper than its previous biggest discount.

Amazon’s deal specifically applies to the 65-inch model. There are also 48-inch, 55-inch, 77-inch, and 83-inch models, and they all have the same capabilities as the 65-inch version currently on sale, but you can’t find as good a deal on them. That said, if you’re okay with a smaller screen, you can get the 55-inch model for only $1,097. Meanwhile, the 48-inch version dropped to $997.

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Editor’s Note: Article updated May 23, 2022

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