Amazon Music now has a car mode for easier use while driving


The Amazon Music mobile app gets a new function to make it a little easier to use while driving. Car Mode is a simplified version of Amazon Music’s interface, with larger buttons, suggested playlists and albums, and easy access to Alexa.

Once turned on, the auto mode is divided into two sections. The top section on the top of your phone is dedicated to playback controls such as play, pause, and skip, while the bottom section contains a collection of music suggestions that you can switch between with a swipe or a tap. If a hands-free experience sounds better (and it probably should if you’re trying to drive safely), you can activate Alexa in the bottom right corner with a tap or by using an Alexa voice command (‘Hey Alexa, play Elton John’ ).

Car Mode doesn’t add any new functionality to Amazon Music, but the UI changes can make it easier to switch songs or dive into a new playlist without taking your attention off the road. Like Spotify’s own version of simplified car controls, Amazon Music can be set to switch to car mode as soon as it recognizes that your phone is connecting to your car’s Bluetooth. For anyone with an older car, the car mode can also be turned on in the settings.

Amazon Music may not be as popular as Spotify or Apple Music – it’s on the way with over 55 million subscribers as of January 2020 – but for a growing service that’s pretty easy to try if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, a new subscription . feature has the ability to help many people. Car mode is now available in Amazon Music on iOS and Android.