Amazon is testing allowing sellers to email customers directly about new products and sales


Amazon is testing a new feature for sellers that allows them to contact customers directly by email to let them know about things like announcements of new products or sales. It’s a big change from Amazon’s current policy of limiting the amount of interaction between customers and businesses selling on Amazon beyond solving things like returns or ordering issues.

As CNBC reports, the new “Manage Your Customer Engagement” tool not only allows companies to spam previous customers with promotional emails. They can only contact Amazon users who have specifically chosen to follow a particular business.

Crucially, Amazon doesn’t give sellers a blank check access to customers’ personal contact information. Instead, Amazon will tell brands how many customers have chosen to receive the emails, along with statistics and click tracking through to product pages and any purchases that an email campaign brings, but not the names, information, or email. email addresses of individual customers. .

The new email campaign option is a free service for sellers, but it is only available to brands registered through Amazon Trademark Registration Program (a list of big names like Garmin, GoPro, KitchenAid and more).

But the new tool should be useful to brands who rely on the Amazon store as a way to reach their customers by providing them with a new way to bring in their most avid buyers of new products or deals. Customers wary of being bombarded with thirsty brand deals may want to check out which companies they are currently following on Amazon.