Amazon is following up its Alexa microwave with a new Alexa Smart Oven

Last year, Amazon introduced the world with the AmazonBasics Microwave, the first real kitchen appliance that offered the possibility of being served with Alexa. And now the company is following that up with a new device, the $ 249.99 Alexa Smart Oven: a combi microwave, hot air oven, hot air fryer and a food warmer.


Like the Alexa microwave, the Alexa Smart Oven does not offer Echo hardware on board – there is no microphone or speaker – but is controlled via a separate Alexa device.

In addition to the fact that the Alexa Smart Oven offers more cooking options, Amazon has also extended the Alexa integration offered: there is a new "scan to cook" function that works with "hundreds" of pre-packaged food products (including products sold by Whole Foods from Amazon, of course.) You can also do things like set the temperature and preheat the oven through voice control.

And like the microwave, the Alexa Smart Oven is intended as a reference design – other devices integrated with Alexa can also use these APIs.

Amazon bundles an Echo Dot (not the new one with a clock) next to the Amazon Smart Oven, so you have a device to operate with. You can pre-order the Amazon Smart Oven today, priced at $ 249.99

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