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Amazon Halo Rise review: A high-tech sleep tracker that doubles as an alarm


Amazon is buckling down about healthcare. Over the previous couple of years, the business has actually introduced a couple of various wearable health trackers, and more just recently, it obtained One Medical, showing its long-lasting interest in the area. A substantial part of tracking your health has to do with tracking your sleep– and to that end, the business just recently introduced the Amazon Halo Rise sleep tracker.

Unlike lots of sleep trackers, the Halo Rise isn’t a wearable gadget. Rather, it rests on your nightstand and functions as a clock and alarm. It works through some quite elegant tech, too– utilizing radar innovation to identify motions as small as you’re breathing throughout the night.

How does the Halo Rise take on other sleep trackers? I’ve been utilizing the tracker to discover.

Amazon Halo Rise

Score: 4 Stars

The Amazon Halo Rise is a fantastic sleep tracker that rests on your nightstand and functions as a mild alarm clock, and deals with a properly designed app.

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BGR might get a commission


  • Smooth style
  • Excellent tracking
  • Functions with other Amazon services
  • Alarm works well


  • Membership for innovative functions
  • Can mistrack

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Amazon Halo Rise style

Unlike lots of other sleep trackers, the Amazon Halo Rise isn’t a wearable. The gadget is white and chrome, with a circular white head and a metal stand. On the back is a power input, while on the top are 2 buttons for managing the tracker. You’ll utilize these to snooze or stop alarms.

Amazon Halo Rise ClockImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The front is what you’ll in fact take a look at the majority of. At the bottom of the head of the gadget can be discovered the light, faint clock– which is perfectly noticeable in the evening without being too intense. Extended along the round top are likewise orange LED lights– which light up in the early morning in the lead-up to your get up time, and are created to wake you up more naturally.

It’s not a bad-looking gadget by any ways, however the plastic can feel somewhat inexpensive to me sometimes. It ought to still look fine on the majority of individuals’s nightstands.

Amazon Halo Rise includes

Naturally, the factors to purchase the Halo Rise have little to do with the standard style– and a lot more to do with the sleep-tracking functions. In general, the Halo Rise is a quite excellent sleep tracker, which deals with a properly designed and user friendly app.

Utilizing a mix of artificial intelligence and the previously mentioned radar sensing unit, the Rise has the ability to track when you dropped off to sleep, for how long you were asleep, and your sleep phases throughout the night. Utilizing all this information, the tracker provides you a total rating (from 0 to 100) in the early morning, and reveals you information about your night’s sleep.

Amazon Halo Rise LightImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The Halo Rise likewise tracks other information, about your environment. Things like the temperature level, humidity, and ambient light, all notify your sleep– and they’re all things that the Halo Rise tracks. That can be quite useful– as it indicates that the Halo can, in turn, provide you suggestions for methods to enhance your sleep.

There are other functions that can be accessed through a subscription. The subscription is totally free for the very first 6 months, after which it comes at $3.99 monthly. Through it, you’ll get a suite of other tools, like exercise videos, and if you have other Halo trackers, you’ll likewise get things like body structure, motion ratings, and more. For some, it might deserve the cash– thinking about the reality that, as far as memberships go, it’s fairly affordable.

It’s essential to keep in mind that Amazon will immediately begin charging you after the six-month trial ends– so make certain to by hand cancel it if you do not wish to spend for it.

Amazon Halo Rise ButtonsImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The Halo Rise likewise functions as an alarm clock, and I liked this function a lot. You’ll set your wakeup time in the app, after which the tracker will gradually wake you up with the orange light bar at the top, which brightens a growing number of as you get near your wakeup time. I typically awaken prior to my alarm, so it’s not always a function that I utilized every early morning– however I simulated it when I did utilize it.

Amazon Halo Rise sleep tracking and app

Typically, I discovered the information tracked by the Halo Rise to be reasonably practical. It’s truly challenging to inform how precise sleep trackers are, and the Rise is no various. Since of that, you typically should not take what it states as entirely precise, however you can usually feel confident that the tracker works the very same from night to night, so you can get an excellent image of your patterns.

Still, in spite of this, I discovered that the information was primarily in line with what my Apple Watch Series 8 likewise tracked. There were some small distinctions in a few of the patterns, and I discovered that the Halo Rise typically stated that I got more deep sleep than my Apple Watch did. As discussed, the patterns appeared to be more or less in line with each other.

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I did experience a couple of problems when I wasn’t there, when it rather tracked my better half’s sleep, in spite of her being on the opposite of the bed. This can present inaccurate information into your app. We do not enable our feline into the bed room, however some evaluations keep in mind that family pets can muddle details too.

The app is quite properly designed too. It uses a mainly vibrant style, which I like. it’s separated into a variety of various tabs, consisting of a feed with all your most current info, an information tab that lets you dive a little much deeper, and the capability to find article and videos. There’s likewise a settings tab and a live tab that reveals a real-time analysis of health, however it’s better for Halo band users than those with simply a Halo Rise.


2023 BGR Gold FINAL

The Amazon Halo Rise is a terrific sleep tracker that lets you prevent using a physical fitness band for tracking. I’m utilized to using the Apple Watch now, and honestly, most will likewise get utilized to it. If you do not desire to use a band and do not mind Amazon having access to your sleep information, the Amazon Halo Rise is a fantastic choice.

The competitors

There are lots of sleep trackers out there now, and a couple of choices that prevent the requirement for a wearable gadget. That stated, if you’re an Apple Health user, the Apple Watch is still most likely the method to go.

If you desire a gadget that you can put on a nightstand, it’s worth thinking about something like the Withings Sleep Analyzer. Otherwise, the Amazon Halo Rise is a terrific tracker.

Should I purchase the Amazon Halo Rise?

Yes, if you do not mind Amazon having access to your sleep information.

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