Amazon GameOn: Using Video to Unite the Gaming Community

In 2018, Amazon unveiled its GameOn concept. However, it took a further two years before the multinational technology company released the application onto Android devices, while the iOS alternative hit the market in early 2021. Much like Twitch, which is also an Amazon-owned platform, GameOn is designed with gamers in mind. So, let’s take a look at how the application will use video to unite the gaming community having embraced a casino and TikTok-inspired approach.

Seeking to Extend Twitch’s Dominance

According to the application’s official website, GameOn enables gamers to capture one-off moments and share them with the broader community. In nature, the Amazon-owned platform is something of a mobile Twitch, albeit without being able to share hours’ worth of gameplay. Although GameOn and Twitch undeniably share numerous similarities, the two services are separate entities. In turn, this illustrates that Amazon is striving to use short-format video to extend Twitch’s game-related existing dominance within modern-day society.

Regarding how GameOn works, the application – which is only available in the United States – allows gamers to capture between 30 seconds and five minutes of gameplay footage. Moreover, with the Recall feature, players no longer have to worry about start-and-stop recording. Fundamentally, this element of GameOn involves an integrated button that captures pre-existing actions on demand. Because of this, players can conveniently film in-game achievements without wasting time attempting to record premeditated moments.

However, there are some concerns regarding GameOn’s potential longevity. At the time of writing, TechCrunch reports that game developers are unconvinced about optimizing console titles onto mobile platforms because of a lack of sophisticated controls. Currently, the Amazon-created platform is compatible with over 1,000 smartphone games, including Property Brothers and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. Although the future of crossover titles is somewhat up in the air, Amazon GameOn state that they will add more support for newer titles in the future.

A Tried and Tested Approach to Expansion 

In many ways, it’s not unfair to say that GameOn takes inspiration from various platforms. Aside from Twitch, the application somewhat embraces the approach that made TikTok and online casinos successful over the last few years. Regarding the Amazon-developed platform’s format, few can argue that the potentials of short-format videos haven’t come to light since TikTok came to fruition in

September 2016. Now, Amazon is a leading player in the gaming industry regarding both limited-time videos and hour-long streams. Crucially, this TikTok-inspired approach allows GameOn’s developers to dominate game-related streaming for much of the next decade and beyond.

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Will GameOn Be a Long-Term Success or Just a Flash in the Pan?

Ultimately, few can argue that there aren’t limitations to GameOn. Regarding longevity, the application is somewhat dependent on mobile gaming sustaining existing levels of popularity, title production, and player figures. However, a lack of sophisticated controls looks set to be a hindrance in the short-term.

Irrespective of the potential drawbacks, GameOn should perhaps be viewed as an extension of Twitch. Although the two are separate, the short-format alternative adopts a different approach to the live-streaming platform. Because of that, they can collectively unite the gaming community through the power of video.