Amazon admits its Appstore is going to break on Android 12

Shortly after Google rolled out the Android 12 update in October, users found that they couldn’t use any of the apps in the Amazon Appstore, the company reported. 9to5Google. Reports of the problem popped up on the Amazon Forum more than a month ago, and there is no timeline for a possible solution (via Liliputting).

“We are aware and working to resolve an issue affecting app performance and launches for the small number of Amazon Appstore users who have upgraded to Android 12 on their mobile devices,” said Amazon spokesperson Troy Edwards. The edge. “This issue does not affect Amazon Fire tablets or Fire TV devices.”

One user, Lovingboth, describes their experience with the issue in the thread at Amazon’s forum:

My rain radar app from the Amazon Appstore still works happily and gives me alerts via notifications, but I can’t really see them as it is prevented from working in full screen because the Amazon Appstore is not working properly.

In addition, some users say that no apps appear when they open the Amazon Appstore, while others state that they receive prompts to update their apps when no update is needed. An Amazon employee also responded to complaints on the forum, noting that the “technical team is still investigating the issue,” but not offering much explanation as to what went wrong.

As indicated by Liliputting, the problem may be due to a lack of compatibility between Amazon’s built-in DRM and Android 12. A user on the Amazon forum, Eduardo S, points to a workaround pointing to DRM as the cause of the problem. He notes that for the tech savvy, you can try downloading the APK of an app on another device running an older version of Android. From there, you can decompile the app’s code, add comments to lines pointing to the DRM, repackage it with a self-signed certificate, and then install the APK on your Android 12 device. Easy, right?

While the problem may now affect only a “small” number of users, that number will only continue to grow. Google first launched Android 12 on only Pixel devices, but Galaxy S21 users also received the update in mid-November. Samsung plans to bring the update to more of its phones in the future and that includes other device manufacturers, further complicating things for Amazon.