Amazing Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

You owe yourself a functional standing desk!

Studies have shown that people who sit for long periods or lead a sedentary lifestyle are the ones who are more prone to type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and a shorter life expectancy. The combination of all these symptoms results in a ‘sitting disease’. Even the long term effects of this disease can’t be countered with diet or exercise. 

Sit-stand desks are also known as standing desks or the height-adjustable desks. They make it easy to change the posture all throughout the day while you’re working. Using sit-stand desk has innumerable advantages- 

  1. Reduce Back Pain

80% of the adults experience back pain. This is one of the greatest complaints of the office workers who sit all day. This is why the stand-up desks were established to help everyone eliminate the risk of back pain. Standing desks really had a powerful impact on the ones who used them. There was a 54% reduction in neck pain and upper back pain with the help of standing desks

Give your back all the comfort it needs!

  1. Lower your Risk of Heart Disease

It has been more than 60 years that researchers are studying the benefits of standing desks. In the year 1953, there was a study of bus conductors where it was found out that half of the risk of heart disease was eliminated by standing. The findings of the sedentary lifestyle have been connected to a 90% increase in the risk of cardiovascular mortality. So, with the sit-stand desks, it’s very easy to lower the risk of heart diseases. 

Make your heart healthy with sit-stand desks!

  1. Lower your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Weight gain is caused by the consumption of excess calories rather than burning them. More than 44% of the office employees have gained weight due to the long working hours, and around 53% believe that weight gain is due to sitting on a desk all day. What if you could easily burn all the calories while working and no extra efforts? Yes, you can do that now with the help of standing desks, specially designed for the modern-day fit employees. The risk of weight gain can be reduced easily with the help of standing desks. 

Say good-bye to unwanted fats with sit-stand desks!

  1. Lower Blood Sugar Levels and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Blood sugar is expected to rise because of the ‘sitting disease’. As shown by the studies, sitting desks reduce the sugar spikes and also eliminate the risk of diabetes and there won’t be any extra effort required. Isn’t it as easy as it sounds? 

Get rid of lower blood sugar levels with sit-stand desks!

  1. Improve Mood and Gain Energy

87% felt comfortable and energized, 75% felt healthier, 71% felt more determined, 62% felt happier, 66% felt productive, as a result of having sit-stand desks installed at their workstations. Increased sedentary time and sitting have led to depression and anxiety in many employees. Standing, on the other hand, improves mood and increases happiness. Using a standing desk can be a part of complete work adjustment which results in better advantages for mind and body. 

Add a positive vibe to your workplace with standing desks!

  1. Boost Your Productivity

One of the important benefits of sit-stand desks for the employees is to complete all the daily tasks such as answering calls, typing, etc before the deadline. Working while standing is something that makes everyone more productive. There has been no negative impact on the daily activities of the ones who used standing desks. The boost in energy and mood is because of the regular use of the standing desks. There’s a reduction in the shoulder, back, and neck pain which ultimately improves mental alertness and productivity. When the body is in better shape, it is able to work faster and efficiently. 

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The benefits of sit-stand desks are impactful and immense. Now, it’s time for you to inculcate a lifestyle habit that helps you in the improvement of physical, mental, and metabolic health. It will impact you in a way that is functional and effective. It’s time for you to adjust your body to a new position. 

Get ready to start reaping the benefits of standing desks right away!

Happy Working!