Alyssa Milano traded her Tesla for an electric VW to protest against Elon Musk buying Twitter

Actress Alyssa Miltono took to TWITTER today to announce that she traded her Tesla for an electrical VW in protest of Elon Musk’s purchase social media company.

  • Actress Alyssa Miltono tweeted that she had sold her Tesla in protest at Musk 
  • Milano took to Twitter herself to voice her disgust at the social media platform 
  • She The exchange was for a VW. Many people pointed out the auto company’s links to Nazism.
  • When Musk acquired Twitter he made a commitment to promoting free speech 

Actress Alyssa Milano is embroiled in another controversy after taking to Twitter to reveal she’s sold her Tesla in protest at Elon Musk’s purchase of the firm.

Seemingly oblivious to the irony of how she announced the news, the motormouth former Charmed star, 49, wrote: ‘I gave back my Tesla. I bought the Volkswagen Ev.

“I don’t know how advertisers can purchase space on Twitter,” she said. She said that publically traded companies’ products being pushed in accordance with hate and white supremacy doesn’t seem like a winning business model.

Musk, who also owns Tesla, began to acquire twitter in August. The acquisition was completed in October. While doing so he made a commitment to increased free speech and limiting censorship.

While he was criticized for allowing Twitter hosts to hate speech, many of his most passionate critics remain on Twitter.

Milano, an attention-seeking savant, has continued to tweet in spite of her disgust for Twitter’s new owners.

Musk wrote on his own platform, just a few days following Milano’s tweet: “If freedom of speech is lost even within America, then tyranny will be all that lies ahead.”

Actress Alyssa Miltono, 49, said that Twitter had become unfriendly for advertisers and was home to hate and white supremacy.

Milano Used Twitter Itself To Publicize Her Distaste For The Social Media Platform

Milano took to Twitter herself to voice her disgust at the social media platform

Musk Separately Wrote On Twitter A Few Days After Milano'S Tweet: 'If Free Speech Is Lost Even In America, Tyranny Is All That Lies Ahead'

Musk wrote separately on Twitter, just a few days following Milano’s tweet: “If freedom of speech is lost even within America, tyranny will be all that lies ahead.”

Milano, a long-standing ‘Defund the Police’ activist, was once accused of hypocrisy when she in 2020 called the police believing that a gunman was at her $2.5million gated LA compound. was informed that a teenage living in her area was later found shooting at squirrels using an air gun.

Milano’s neighbor called her a performative hypocrite and entitled in the aftermath of the police incident. received the following statement from an unnamed residentShe These tweets can be sent because she lives behind closed doors in a gated community. She She knows that the police will save her.

“But what about those who don’t have that luxury or live in unsafe areas? She Evidently, she doesn’t care.

Milano was an actor who made a name for herself in films like Commando and Charmed. She He is also a strong supporter of the Democratic Party and has a long history of social justice activism.

Milano (Pictured) Has Been Accused Of Hypocrisy A Number Of Times. In 2020 She Called The Police The Police Over A False Alarm Despite Being A 'Defund The Police' Activist

Milano (pictured), has been accused several times of hypocrisy. Despite being a Defund the Police’ activist, she called police the police in 2020 over a false alert. 

Back In 2014, Milano Even Told Elon Musk On Twitter That She Thought He Was 'Amazing'

Milano told Elon Musk via Twitter in 2014 that she believed he was amazing’

Her opponents argued that Milano is a hypocrite and that she spoke positively about Musk over the past decade, praising his valuable contributions to society.

She Musk was even tweeted by Musk in 2014, saying: “You’re amazing.”

She addressed the comment she made eight years ago in response to her criticisms of him. 

“This was a long, long time ago. Things are changing. I thought about deleting this tweet but instead I’m going to leave it here as a reminder of how people can change,’ she wrote.

Over the weekend numerous Twitter users mocked her purchase of a Volkswagen by pointing out the historical association between the auto company and Nazi Germany.

VW was established in 1937 by the German government as an automobile company. The country was still under Hitler’s Nazi Party leadership.

Although it is not clear what Milano purchased, the ID4 SUV from the company, which retails for $38,000, appears to be the only electric VW that is available in the United States.  

Milano'S Opponents Were Quick To Point Out That Vw Has Ties With Nazi Germany

Milano’s adversaries were quick to point out VW’s ties to Nazi Germany 

Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler Speaks At The Opening Ceremony Of The Volkswagen Car Factory In Germany In 1938

Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader speaks at the opening of the Volkswagen car plant in Germany in 1938

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