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Alone in the Dark game is coming in October 2023..and you get a demo full of horror..


At the end of last year, the publisher announced THQ Nordic About the return of the unique horror series with its classic Alone in the Dark character and reimagining it by returning to the roots of the series, as it is being developed by Pieces Interactive studio.

Recently, the developer of the game Alone in the Dark revealed its final release date, which will be on October 25 of this year. A few days ago, we saw a lengthy review of the game that gave us a closer look at the gameplay, mentioning that the third-person single-player horror game has been in development for five years, with Mikael Hedberg who worked on Amnesia and SOMA directing, while the game and monster designs are written by Guy Davis.

It was also announced that a demo version will be released, which will be a playable prologue or introduction that paves the way for the main story events that we will go through in the full version across current generation devices, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC, and it is currently available on digital stores .

Featuring the classic survival horror style, the game will explore environments, solve puzzles, and experience an original deep psychological horror story. You’ll also experience high-tension combat and action as you battle supernatural monsters.

We recall that there are many players who have not heard of the Alone in the Dark series of horror games, of course, because it first appeared in 1992, and then became a series based primarily on classic horror and a fixed camera similar to Silent Hill and Resident Evil games. original.

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