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Almost 150 euros cheaper than Apple’s HomePod: portable speaker Motion X600 appears with a competitive price – WhatsNew2Day


Battle of the Bluetooth titans: Can the X600 steal the customers from the industry leader Apple? (Pictures: de.soundcore.com, apple.com)

The manufacturer Soundcore launches the portable Bluetooth speaker Anker Soundcore Motion X600 (as per a report on techradar.com emerges). Soundcore is a sub-brand of Anker, a company that has so far primarily distinguished itself as a supplier of power banks.

Soundcore Motion X600 with competitive price

Similar Bluetooth speakers, which have 3D audio technology of similar quality to the X600, cost around 340 euros (see Apple HomePod 2nd generation) or even around 470 euros (see Sonos Era 300) priced.

On the other hand, the price tag with which Soundcore boasts is set significantly low: the German price tag announces a slim 200 euros – this means that the X600 is much cheaper on the shelves than comparable branded devices from Apple or Sonos.

What can the X600 do in terms of sound?

  • 3D audio technology support (in English spatial audio called): This is used to simulate spatial sound
  • Support for LDAC; LDAC is an audio codec from Sony that can be used to stream high-quality audio via Bluetooth. Expressed in numbers, this value means: Using LDAC, three times as much data can be transmitted than is the case with standard Bluetooth. Techradar writes that with a codec like LDAC, customers would get closer to a typical audio CD than with ordinary Bluetooth speakers.

What technology is slumbering in the X600?

  • Ensure the acoustic bandwidth: two woofers, two tweeters, one upward-firing broadband speaker
  • A battery with 6400 mAh (7.2 V) promises a playing time of up to 12 hours
  • Two X600 devices can be paired wirelessly – with which a stereo setup can be set up
  • Awarded protection class IPX7 – which means: The device is conditionally waterproof. By the way: The abbreviation IP stands for International Protection Code. The X in IPX7 indicates: About whether Anker Soundcore Motion X600 is also protected against dust, no statement can be made. The number 7 certifies that the anchor speaker is waterproof – even if only for a short time.

Further key data: The Anker Soundcore Motion X600 is offered in polar grey, aurora green and moon blue. In Germany, the Bluetooth speaker will be available from May 9th for a retail price of just under 200 euros.

All further information is via www.soundcore.com obtainable.

What do you think of the price prodigy X600? Do you think the portable loudspeaker will also convince in the test laboratory – or do customers simply have to dig deeper into their wallets for really good sound? Feel free to write us in the comments which Bluetooth speaker has prevailed with you.

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