Allison Langdon has a very animated phone call as she goes for a walk in Sydney

Allison Langdon was seen in the middle of a very animated phone call on Tuesday. 

43-year-old A Current Affair host appeared nervous as she talked on the phone while taking a casual walk in Sydney. 

Langdon, who was wearing a straw-hat and sunglasses, kept his serious expression on display and made a variety of facial expressions during the chat. 

Allison Langdon, 43-year-old host of New A Current Affair, was captured on Tuesday while walking in Sydney amid a lively phone call.

She She opted for a more casual look, opting instead for her signature on-camera glamour. 

Today’s host, who was without makeup, completed her look with brown leather sandals in addition to a delicate gold necklace. 

Elsewhere on Tuesday, Ally was confronted on live radio about her relationship with Tracy Grimshaw, after footage of the outgoing A Current Affair host ‘rejecting’ her hug went viral last week.  

Covering Up Beneath A Straw Hat And Sunglasses, Langdon Wore A Serious Expression And Pulled A Number Of Strained Facial Expressions During The Chat.

Langdon, who was wearing a straw-hat and sunglasses, wore a serious expression during the chat.

Appearing on Jackie O and The Kyle Show, Ally said Grimshaw had sent her an email to clarify things and was supportive of her becoming the new host for A Current Affair.

She stated, “I hate the idea that women are pitted against each others,”

“Tracy has been a great guide throughout this entire process. She continued, “I’ve had many conversations with her about taking over and sitting down in that chair.” 

She Swapped Her Trademark On-Camera Glamour For A Paired Back Ensemble, Sporting A Black Singlet Top By Aje Worth $100, Navy Track Pants And A Green Backpack

She The actress swapped her on-camera glamour in favor of a more casual ensemble. She wore a $100 black top by Aje, navy track pants, and a green backpack. 

Elsewhere On Tuesday, Ally Was Confronted On Live Radio About Her Relationship With Tracy Grimshaw, After Footage Of The Outgoing A Current Affair Host 'Rejecting' Her Hug Went Viral Last Week

On Tuesday, Ally was also interviewed live on radio by Tracy Grimshaw about their relationship. The video of Tracy’rejecting her hug’ last week, which was captured on A Current Affair, went viral.

She Tracy had also texted Tracy on the night of the snub. Everything was fine between them.

Tracy previously stated on Twitter that she didn’t snub Ally in the last episode of A Current Affair and that she was simply overwhelmed. This caused the accidental oversight. 

Ally will assume the coveted role as the current affairs stalwart in New Year after Tracy, long-time host, resigned in September.

Appearing On The Kyle And Jackie O Show, Ally Revealed Tracy (Pictured) Had Sent Her A Text To Smooth Things Over And Had Been Nothing But Supportive Of Her Taking Over As The New Host Of A Current Affair

Ally appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show and revealed that Tracy (pictured above) had sent her a message to settle things and had been supportive of her new role as host of A Current Affair  

Channel Nine shared the news on Sunday to A Current Affair’s official Instagram account. Ally, 43 years old, was praised as one of Australia’s most respected and fearless journalists.

“In 2023, Ally Langdon will take over the chair of A Current Affair after Tracy Grimshaw’s retirement,” the announcement said.  

Ally is regarded as one of Australia’s most respected and fearless journalists. Her career has been built on trust, empathy, and a dedication to journalistic excellence. She On Monday, January 30, 2023, the show will go on-air. Ally, welcome to our team!

Tracy Previously Clarified That She Hadn'T Snubbed Ally After Her Final Episode Of A Current Affair Last Week, And That She Had Simply Been 'Flustered And Overwhelmed' Which Caused The Accidental Oversight

Tracy clarified previously that she hadn’t snubbed Ally in the last episode of A Current Affair and that she was simply overwhelmed and flustered which led to the oversight

The post featured an image of Ally with the words “new host” on it.

Ally shared her excitement and fear about accepting the highly respected post in a press release.

It is an honor to join the A Current Affair team. The show Jana Wendt hosted is one I have loved, respected and been watching since elementary school.

Ally Will Step Into The Coveted Role At The Current Affairs Stalwart In The New Year, After Longtime Host Tracy Grimshaw Quit In September

After Tracy Grimshaw’s departure in September, Ally will assume the role of current affairs stalwart in New Year.

‘I won’t lie – it’s daunting to be stepping into the role that Tracy has so brilliantly navigated for the past 17 years, with such warmth and compassion.

“I hope to bring my warmth and compassion to this show as we continue telling great stories that matter for our amazing viewers.” 

She She also announced that she would be leaving Today, where she was co-hosting with Karl Stefanovic. However, she expressed delight at not having to work the early morning shifts for a nightly show.

“I understand that it is a major change for us as a team and for ourselves. My Today show family is sad to be leaving, especially Karl, my co-host who made the past three years so enjoyable and fun. I will miss that 3am alarm, however. She said.

Tracy Hosted The Popular Current Affairs Show From 2006 Until 2022

From 2006 to 2022, Tracy hosted the popular current affairs program.

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