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All you need to know about Termites and How to tackle them

Termites feature in the top list of household pests and are considered to be causing serious damage to property bringing in additional expenses including the urgent intervention of a professional expert. One such name is Pest Control Reservoir whose latest and scientific techniques ensure complete eradication.

Harmful effects of Termites

These tiny creatures thrive in colonies, and once they infest wooden and structural frameworks of homes, they rapidly multiply. If surfaces are kept unattended or untreated, they bring about the complete collapse of wooden structures, including furniture, making these pests extremely dangerous. The cellulose present in wood is their primary food source and the temperature within the wood keeps them active all year through. They get into our homes because of negligent maintenance issues like leaks in slabs and materials that are attractive to them in our homes. Since moisture is a must for them, removing moisture is a great way to get rid of them.

For humans termites may pose a health risk. When these pests bite wood, this causes discharge of mould. These mould get air borne and may be inhaled or rest on our skins. Mould is a fungus that produces spores which in turn might give rise to migraines, cough, sore throat, general weakness, runny nose or burning eyes. Also in cases of serious attacks they may affect humans with asthma attacks, contact dermatitis and pulmonary irritation. So before things go out of hand call in expert services like Pest Control Mickleham and get a quote.

 Some practical tips on what not to do in case of termite attacks

 The first thing for homeowners is to understand and identify the signs that there are termites around. Pest Control Reservoir services offer valuable suggestions to their clients on how to detect termite infestation. Some typical signs are-

  • Presence of small holes in woodworks
  •  Keep a sharp eye for any powdery sawdust or brown wood coloured wings or droppings around cracks and crevices in furniture or wooden articles
  • Presence of mud tube like formations on house walls

What not to do once you discover Termites

If you are sure your home has come under termite infestation, please do not rush and take things into your own hands. Firstly there are a few things to avoid.

  • Do not disturb them by touching. If you try opening their feeding areas or mud tubes, this will make them go off for a short while, but it would make it difficult to identify the issues and apply treatment.
  • Avoid spraying insecticide on them as this will be only killing a few but not their nest and they will come back again.
  • Stop going into panic mode. Call in professional services like Pest Control Mickleham who will send experts, who would identify the problem, give the best plan and treatment option and ensure that you have a termite free home.

Why seek the help of Termite Control Services

 Service specialists like Pest Control Reservoir give an effective inspection and treatment service. They have been giving excellent executions to all homeowners, factories, residences, institutes for over two decades. Many professional termite control companies like them are not only patronized by homeowners but also commercial establishments because they work and come with world class equipment and treatments.

 The Termite Extermination Process

When companies like Pest Control Mickleham visit homes to investigate the pest issue, an initial inspection is conducted to spot the range and extent of the problem. On the basis of this the required treatment option is suggested to the home owner. Once the home owner agrees, the Pest control team executes the process in five steps.

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  1. Confirming a termite treatment agreement

A contract or paper is signed after initial talks with home owners after they have fully understood the problem at hand and also given their consent to what would entail in the treatment.

  1. Conduct a complete inspection of the site of infestation

A thorough inspection is done that allows the service experts to identify the areas of termite activity , assess the damage caused, identify the entry areas and jot down issues that could have led to the infestation. This is the most valuable document for the service people and the homeowner,

  1. Eradicate active pests from the premises

There might be many instances that the exact location of termite nests could not be spotted, so the treatment has to be done inside the building. Many products are there namely termite foams, baits, dusts that are used in the process. Among these termite baits are the best option as it gets rids of the colony completely, minimizing chances of future attacks. Pest Control Reservoir specializes in these processes. Eradication can take anything between a few weeks to a few months, depending on scale of attack and products that have been applied.

  1. Using a termite management system in your property

To prevent further termite attacks installing a termite management system is a good practice. There are two types of management system. One is the use of liquid termiticide in the soil under and around the residence or the second is installing a termite monitoring system.

5. Frequent termite inspections

Frequent inspections for termite half yearly or yearly, ensures maintenance of warranty of the termite management system.

Things that decide on treatment options

Termite treatment options are given to customers on the basis of a few parameters that are integral to the entire execution of the eradication

  • Scale of infestation
  • Category or species of the pest causing infestation
  • Type of building construction
  • Environmental factors
  • Preferences of homeowners
  • Budget specifications and preferences

Quick home tips to tackle termite attack

Borax (Sodium borate) quickly kills termites. Vinegar too when applied is very effective in getting rid of termites. Other remedy to combat termite attack is using orange oil, neem oil and wet cardboard. No matter how confident you feel at day end it is smarter to call in experts like Pest Control Reservoir.