All three judges barely shaved Alvarez Saunders in Texas before crumpling the uppercut


Revealed: On all three judges’ cards, Canelo narrowly stood out to Saunders in Texas before the fight was brutally stopped – and Alvarez admits’ it wasn’t as hard as I expected ‘

  • Billy Joe Saunders had shown promise in his fight against Canelo Alvarez
  • All judges agreed that he had won the first and fifth rounds with the Mexican
  • But Alvarez struck with a brutal uppercut that landed him the fight in Texas

Saul Canelo Alvarez took matters into his own hands when he dealt him the first defeat in the career of Billy Joe Saunders in Texas.

Due to an extraordinary uppercut on the eighth round, Saunders left the AT&T stadium and went straight to the hospital.

The Englishman was clearly injured, but made it to the end of the eighth lap before having to stop on his crutch with an extremely swollen and swollen eye.

The judges had all scored the fight with Canelo Alvarez in the lead against Billy Joe Saunders

The scorecards with the judges had up to that point received Saunders with a scream, but the score of all three had Canelo narrowly ahead.

All three had also scored the first and fifth rounds in favor of Saunders, while all six others sided with Alvarez.

Glen Feldman and Max DeLuca had both recorded a pain of 74-78 for Canelo, while Tim Cheatham was slightly closer at 75-77 at the time of the hiatus.

Although it was an uppercut that won it, Canelo had tried to hit Saunders with a number of bodyshots in their fight until the eighth round.

Saunders, meanwhile, had been smart about his jab and had been particularly busy in the fifth lap and had caused Canelo problems.

Canelo had been made digging by Saunders until he hit him hard in the eighth round

Canelo had been made digging by Saunders until he hit him hard in the eighth round

Many had tipped Saunders that he had the ability to harass Canelo, but in the aftermath the Mexican dismissed the idea that he had had many difficulties with Saunders.

‘I said it would be around eight o’clock. It wasn’t as difficult as I expected and that’s because of my preparation.

‘I think I broke his cheek and I knew he wouldn’t come out. I told my corner he won’t come out because I broke his cheek.

‘I have the best trainer. I prepare, he says “do this” and I do it. ‘