All the stats you should know about Camgirls Sites


Here is a breakdown of some important statistics about the world’s most popular camgirls sites.

Sex chatting and virtual dates have been on the rise in popularity over the last few years. And by rising in popularity, I mean they have topped 1 billion dollars a year in revenue. With this rise in popularity, more information not previously known has come to light. According to Ogi Ogas, one of the neuroscientists who created A Billion Wicked Thoughts, camgirls sites like LiveJasmine and LivePrivates are even more popular than Pornhub! He states that 2.5% of the billion people that currently use the Internet are using LiveJasmin each month.  

There are tons of camgirls sites out there, so thankfully, RecommendedCams exists to help guide you in choosing the right one, with the best options and perks. And If you weren’t already aware, whichever website a person chooses, will use tokens as a form of currency or credit to use when tipping the models during a virtual show or sex. A viewer might tip the model in order to get him or her to follow through will a special request. 

If we take a closer look, we can see some pretty interesting statistics. When it comes to who is spending the most money through tokens and credits on sites like LivePrivates and who is not. some countries and states might surprise you!

The US states with the highest average token sales

According to information provided by CamSoda, some states in the USA had a much higher rate of big spenders than others. It turns out, that states with higher populations, saw an increase in tokens spent per male viewer. Those states included Florida, California, Texas, and New York. But what about the women? No surprise that Florida and California saw a high average spending rate for females as well. But interestingly, some smaller states made the list as well. States like Missouri and Virginia who have been notoriously opposed to LGBT rights, ranked up there with the bigger states when it came to women watching women.

The US states with the biggest spenders

But aside from average spending, which states had the biggest spenders? This time, the population of the state didn’t seem to play a role. Instead, interestingly enough, the states with the most men working in the energy industry came out on top with the biggest spenders. States like Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Oklahoma are home to some of the top spenders in the country. In Wyoming, viewers spent 2.6 times the national average and the viewers in Alaska spent 2.3 times the national average. Specifically, CamSoda’s data found users in Juneau, Alaska spending 10 times the national average! 

And let’s not forget the women. The top 5 US states with the highest number of tokens spent per individual woman, are Florida, Missouri, Colorado, California, and Georgia.

Time of day

Some states seem to be full of early risers. Take Texas for example. The peak time of day for tokens spent is 8 o’clock AM on Saturdays. Talk about being happy for the weekend! And out of all the states, only one came out on top for really enjoying their Sundays, and that state was Utah. Its peak time of day was Sunday’s at 3 in the afternoon. Colorado also apparently enjoys camgirls sites during weekends, as their peak hour for spending is Saturday at 10 PM. Among the strangest peak hours in the US, Mississippi’s would have to be number one. It turns out that most tokens are spent at 3 am on Monday nights. But hey, to each their own right? 

Let’s take a global look and beyond

So, we’ve glanced over states with the most spenders, but it turns out that the United States also has the highest total tokens spent worldwide, with Canada & United Kingdom as close second & third place. After the United States, the country with the highest average tokens spent, are as followed: Hong Kong, Belgium, United Kingdom, Panama, Norway. After the United States, the country with the highest average tokens spent, are as followed: Hong Kong, Belgium, United Kingdom, Panama, Norway.

The US might have the top spenders but when it comes to where the models are from, in reality, only between 15% and 35% of cam girls are actually based in the United States. Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia have the highest number of cam models in the industry. According to CNBC, “In Romania, the capital of European camgirls sites operations, models can make thousands of dollars per month. They pay taxes on their earnings and often work in studios that offer fast Internet connections, high-definition webcams, and a variety of studios catering to all sorts of themes (including bedrooms, showers, and dungeons).” 

It’s no wonder that working as a cam model is more popular in Europe than it is in the US. The access and availability of webcam-friendly studios are much more available. In the coming years, it’s predicted that virtual modeling will continue to rise as a career. All you have to do to understand this is to simply look at the stats we just covered.