All-cloud communication – Unlocking new business opportunities with less effort

The emergence of cloud communication has not only revolutionized the way businesses used to communicate but also helped them traverse new opportunities, which were off the beaten track earlier. The deployment of cloud-based phone number helps a business to go global, operate from a remote location, build a unified communication platform, and do a lot more without much of grueling.

Unearth the new business areas with cloud telephony 

The world is full of opportunities. The only thing that you need to grab is the right attitude and the right resources. As per the latest reports of WTO, global trade is going to outpace the GDP growth by 2020. While the world is reaping the benefits of globalization, why you should stay back? 

While you seek to do so, the high upfront infrastructure costing may hinder your thought process. However, the high-end cloud telephony has a solution to this dilemma. Gone are those days when a business has to restrict itself within its local proximity just because international calling was nothing but a migraine. High call incurring and setup charges forced small scale businesses not to explore global opportunities. 

Since the cloud-telephony came into being, setting up global business communication platform has become pocket-friendly, effortless, and quick. Unified-communication-as-a-service or UCaaS uses a virtual phone system or cloud-hosted communication platform to bring all your business departments over a centralized place without being asked the PBX/EPABX systems setup. 

Its aid in your global expansion is not limited to here. By using a cloud-based phone number, you can easily set up a call center in a remote location. For example, if you are stationed in the US and want to expand your business in Canada, then you can start with call center set in the US only. All you need to do is buy a Canada virtual phone number of your targeted city, says Vancouver (604). 

This ability of UCaaS helped business mavericks, start-up greenhorns, and MNC’s to explore the unexplored and expand the growth curve without being worried about the cost.

What should you be looking in your cloud-telephony? 

Cloud telephony is the future, and we all comprehend this fact. While you seek to get hold of this latest technology, here are some key points-to-ponder –

All-in-one communication – Communication has outgrown from traditional calling. Now, a business has to contact its customers and teammates through SMSs, email, voicemail, video-calls, and conference calls. That is why your cloud-telephony service provider must be able to provide all this in one product. 

Multiple-integration – What could be more relaxing than maintaining CRM, sales, and marketing from a single platform? Multiple integrations in your virtual phone number help you monitor and channelize all the prime business components without much stress. 

Localized telephony – In the world of globalization, localization still holds gravity. That is why your cloud-telephony service provider must offer local number facility. With its help, you can demonstrate the local presence of a global business. 

For example, if you have Canada virtual phone number of cities like Ontario (909) and Montreal (514), you can make a call from your home location giving an impression to the callers that you are somewhere near to them. 

Fast and easy implementation – There is no point of owning a cloud-telephony system that takes the same implementation time and efforts as its traditional counterpart (PSTN telephony). The business should ask for quick yet effective implementation to leverage its global expansion. 

Hosted solutions – On-premise telephony solutions are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for small business. Additionally, going global comes with its sort of added expenses. That is why a hosted, subscription-based telephony is the right choice in almost every case. 

Multi-location support – Your single cloud-telephony service provider should be able to support your global expansion at multiple locations and helps you to overcome geographical barriers. 

Safe and secure data transmission – Despite numerous benefits, cloud telephony comes with its own set of demerits which can’t be overlooked.  Data theft, cyber attacks, and system failure are few prime ones. Make sure that your VoIP service provider use clustered firewall, call behavior monitoring algorithm, credit limits, VPN connection, geo limits, and call limits to minimize all these risks and make cloud-communication safe and secure by all means. 

Self-serve tools – Your customers need instant assistance. So, buying cloud-telephony system with self-serve tools as IVR, auto call transferring, and answering multiple extension setup, and click-to-dial is an easy way to trim down your burden and serve your customers professionally.

Cloud-communication is an ideal way to make your business able-bodied to explore global business opportunities and augment your growth without being stressed out about high investment.