All about Plus500 Trading You Need to Know

Plus500 is an exceptional online broker offering generous conditions to its clients, a modern trading network, and a huge assortment of underlying commodities.

It provides its customers with favorable terms, a modern trading network, and other tradable characteristics. Plus500 is not only one of the earliest online trading brokers, but in the foreign exchange and CFD financial sector,  the firm was a leader. It is a premier supplier of cfd trading. These innovative financial assets allow retail investors to hold on to many financial investments in shorter and longer positions.


Plus500 is an online forum for potential consumers requiring access to a range of lower exchange financial systems and an engaging platform for clients to place their exchange.

Plus500 was founded in 2008 and has developed into a multinational organization with more than 2,000 employees in companies around the world. The broker is licensed by several capital markets regulatory authorities. The company is listed officially in the United Kingdom, and the shares are exchanged on the London Stock Exchange. Strict security standards, which include the separate management of customer resources and the transfer of sensitive messages, are planned to include customers with safe capital defense. Negative account balances are exempt under the company’s contract terms, so there is no requirement to make extra payments. Furthermore, numerous other roles would be useful for risk control, including a guaranteed stop loss. The Plus500 group has set itself the target of being the top one CFD trading company in the world.

Things that Need to Know about Plus500 Trading 

There are many aspects that need to know before starting to trade in the plus500 platform. To know those aspects, the plus500 trading review can be effective.

Trading Platform

One of the distinctive features of Plus500 is that neither MetaTrader 4 nor any of the other most common foreign exchange trading platforms are provided by the broker. Plus500 is an exclusive foreign exchange broker community with a customized trading platform, which indicates a customized platform has been built and established by the company. The trading platform is simple and customer-friendly to use, making it an excellent choice for novice investors. You can navigate the platform through the website, iOS, or Android apps. You cannot configure the design and presentation, although the platform offers functionality.


Plus500 provides consumers with many asset groups for trading. Plus500 offers a variety of asset classes exposure to 2000+ financial products, comprising foreign exchange, commodities, currencies, index, bonds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and derivatives. Excluding that they are non-standardized, the vanilla calls and put points that Plus500 provides function like the transaction variants. It implies that these solutions can be tailored and adapted to the risk perception and strategy objectives of the customer.

Forms of Account

When it comes to picking your kind of Plus500 account, traders have several choices available. On the plus500 network, there are three types of accounts available.

Demo Account

An appropriate way to begin is the Plus500 demo account. In terms of duration, the Plus500 demo account itself has no end.  If you are newer to investing or just fresh to Plus500, this is especially relevant.  It indicates that you can spend your time concentrating on studying with the broker about the exchange.

Retail Account

The Plus500 retail account is the normal Plus500 account that would probably be used by most investors. You can take a glance forward to exchanging over 70 currency pairs, and also indexes, products, bonds, derivatives, Equities, and 14 of the most common cryptos via Plus500 cryptocurrency trading within the Plus500 retail account itself.

Professional Account

The professional account for Plus500 is also identified as the gold account for Plus500. This account allows for all the same characteristics as a retail account for Plus500, incorporating few more features. 

Regulation and Security

Plus500 is one of the heavily regulated brokers, which is a massive benefit for investors wanting to trade with a regionally run, reputable broker. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, which is among the world’s tightest and most reputable foreign exchange brokers, is the main agency of Plus500.

Transaction methods

Plus500 includes many of the most common payment methods for financial markets. Using different e-wallets, bank cards, and bank transfers as accessible, you can deposit. All financing strategies are not available to all consumers. Once you log in to your live Plus500 trading account, you will be able to see the techniques are applied.

Fees and Commissions

You presumably would like to comprehend the pay structure before you form your opinion to exchange with Plus500. Firstly, Plus500 on most trading pairs does not pay commissions. Consequently, the spread between the bid and the requested price is incorporated into most fees.

Inactivity Fee

If you do not log in for more than three months to your Plus500 trading account, an inactivity fee will initiate to be charged each month. Until you sign in again, or until the account balance is drained, the fee will proceed to be prosecuted. Money up to units of 10 per month may be the inactivity fee.

Overnight Fee

The Overnight Fee is commonly referred to as the Swap Fee or Rollover Fee. Plus500 has discovered a more user-friendly means of communicating this expense, unlike many other trading platforms that calculate swaps in pips. The Overnight Fee mentioned in the icon information panel can be seen on the trading platform. All Overnight Fees are defined as the proportion of the valuation of the position being transferred to the following day.

Conversion Fee

For all exchanges where the base currency varies from the account currency, a conversion fee is paid. The rationality behind this charge is that your earnings or loss of income and expenses are charged in euros and must therefore be transferred into dollars, the currency wherein the balance of your trading account is referred to in this instance. In simple terms, the overall position volume is not paid for this tax, only the sums to be accumulated or subtracted from the balance of your trading account.


Plus500 has a simple, convenient trading platform, with a virtual application that is well built. Moreover, the method of account opening and customer service is fantastic. For all the things they sell, it provides a wide variety of financial instruments and fair-trading requirements. For a new trader who is not clear what their choice is yet, Plus500 is a great alternative.