Alienware is starting to sell GPU upgrade kits for the Area-51m

Area-51m from Alienware came to the laptop scene early in the year with a big promise: that you can upgrade almost any part of the laptop, including the GPU. And this week, Alienware has delivered on the last part of that promise by releasing its first GPU upgrade kits for the Area-51m.


The new kits are not the biggest update: it is essentially only the Nvidia RTX 2070 and 2080 GPUs that were already offered on the high-end models that were available at the launch. This means that these kits are less for users who want to squeeze even more power out of their laptops and more for those who repent to some buyers for buying a less powerful GPU when they first configured their machines.

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

The kits come with three parts: a new GPU built on the DellFF specification (Dell Graphics Form Factor) from Dell; a thermal kit for that GPU (the more powerful GPUs need better cooling); and a more powerful charger. Dell also offers a service where a technician comes by and performs the installation for you if you are not comfortable disassembling your laptop yourself.

But although the GPUs are not really "new" here, it is still a welcome sign for anyone who has purchased the Area-51m. The upgrade kits show that Dell takes its user upgrade promise seriously and gives hope that future GPUs can be released for customers to adjust their machines in the future.

The biggest problems with the upgrade kits are the steep prices: the RTX 2070 kit costs $ 1,038.99, While the The RTX 2080 kit costs $ 1,638.99. That is not Which much more expensive than the initial upgrade costs when you buy an Area-51m for the first time, but it's still a high price to pay for upgrading a laptop that starts at $ 1,999.99.