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Alien in Counter Strike? The Xenomorph on Dust2 is confusing and amusing the web right now – WhatsNew2Day


Does the Xenomorph like the climate of Dust2? We have our doubts about that.

Can you hear the ominous kicking noises yet? The drool dripping on the sandstone? Probably the most iconic alien in sci-fi cinema has now made it onto the Counter-Strike map Dust2 – at least that’s what it seems.

A video is currently up to mischief on the Internet, in which the Xenomorph takes a short walk on the popular map. However, the inappropriate environment doesn’t make the horror figure appear so creepy anymore. Much more can be almost smiled about the video. With the words the new Counter-Strike looks wild he left a few question marks with many viewers:

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How did the alien get there?

The clip was created faster than it might seem. According to the modder Matt Filer, it took around 15 minutes of work to send the alien to Counter-Strike. Strictly speaking, though, Counter-Strike was sent after Alien: After Alien Isolation.

This is what it is about a mod of the popular horror game. A big update for the unofficial mod tool collection was released a few days ago OpenCAGE for isolation. This means that entire models, materials, textures and much more can now be packed into Creative Assembly’s game. So here the map Dust2 was briefly copied over into a section of Alien Isolation and tada, there is a Xenomorph in a desert area.

On April 26th the update was released, also known as alien day. The date is a reference to moon LV-426, which caused a stir in the first two Alien films.

What do you think of the clip? Did you also feel like an Isolation 2 when you saw it? And are you curious to see where the Xenomorph could be if other modders invest more than just 15 minutes? Let us know what you think about the video in the comments!

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