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Alice Eve Fights Off Ghosts in ‘Haunting of the Queen Mary’ Trailer


Alice Eve fights against paranormal spirits in the latest trailer for bewitchment of queen mary, a supernatural horror mystery that has two families violently entangled as they sail aboard the real-life ocean liner on Halloween night in 1938 and in the present day.

When Erin, played by Eve, and her husband Patrick (Joel Fry) board the infamous ship with their young son Lukas, played by Lenny Rush, their journey resembles, in mystery and violence, the experience of another family who sailed aboard. from the same ship. ship in 1938.

When Erin begins to see the haunted ghosts the ocean liner holds from its dark past, she and her husband realize there is only one way out for them: into the depths of the ship, where violent secrets are revealed.

He The Curse of Queen Mary poster

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“What did you do with my father?” a frightened Anne Caulder, played by Eve, asks at one point. “He’s with the ship now,” he tells her as the ghostly spirits that haunt the infamous Queen Mary ship slash and kill its passengers.

The Curse of Queen Mary it also stars Nell Hudson, William Shockley, and Lenny Rush, and is directed by Gary Shore, who made a splash at the box office with the 2014 film. dracula untold. Vertical has acquired the North American rights to the horror film, which opens on August 18 in theaters and on demand.

Stephen Oliver and Tom Vaughan wrote the script, with revisions by Shore. The film is produced by Brett Matthew Tomberlin, Thorsten Schumacher, Lars Sylvest, Nigel Sinclair, Nicholas Ferrall, and Mali Elfman.

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