Alexa voice support comes to your Xbox

<pre><pre>Alexa voice support comes to your Xbox

Users of Xbox One get a new way to communicate with their game console, with extensive voice support implemented for voice assistants Cortana and Alexa.

With the new feature, Xbox Skill, users can use any Cortana or Alexa device to connect to their Xbox console. This means you can use an Amazon Echo or Windows 10 PC to play through the Xbox user interface, power and volume settings, start games and apps, control Mixer and make screenshots in the middle of the game.

The function is based on previous voice commands available through headsets of the Kinect or Xbox controller. It is currently available to members of the Xbox Insider program, a free service that rolls early previews of new Xbox features and content to your console and is likely to move quickly to the wider community.

Microsoft's vision for the Xbox console hopes it might as well become a home media carrier as a game console, whatever your opinion, and the increased integration with other smart home devices can only help the console achieve this.

If you can not beat them

Some will express their amazement at the fact that Microsoft is opening the door for a competitive smart assistant, given the existence of the Windows assistant, Cortana.

Named after the popular AI character in the Xbox exclusive Halo series, Cortana has struggled to get the same traction as its Amazon counterpart despite being pre-installed on Windows 10 devices earlier in the year. received integration.

But with an ever-growing range of Alexa-compatible gadgets, this means that users can actually leverage the benefits of an integrated smart home interface, even if the argument for the continued relevance of Cortana is further weakened.