Alesha Dixon on why natural is best when it comes to beauty, wellness and food

Alesha Dixon

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NATURAL: Alesha has partnered with The Groovy Food Company to share her love for natural foods

In his latest adventure, his team joins Diversity star, Jordan Banjo, to present the new BBC1 show, The Greatest Dancer, devised by Simon Cowell, British judge of Got Talent.

"As a fan of dance, I am very excited about the possibility of finding new talents," says Alesha.

The star also partnered with The Groovy Food Company to share her love for natural foods and beauty products and is busy planning a new album.

"I'm writing new music, I'm in the studio and very excited," reveals the 39-year-old man. "I see it as a blessing to be able to wake up every day and do something I love, anyone who gets to do that is very lucky."

This is what Alesha, who is the mother of Azura, four years old, with her partner Azuka Ononye, ​​has to continue with motherhood, beauty and well-being, in addition to her three favorite recipes …

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STAR: Alesha is planning a new album

I do not want my daughter to grow up thinking that beauty is blue eyes and long blond hair …

Beauty comes in many forms, many skin colors, many hairstyles and textures.

It is very important that children see the ones reflected in the books they read and in the characters they find.

When I was little, my mother made me feel that looking different was wonderful and I really want to convey it.

Equality is not about being the same, it is about being treated in the same way.

Not a day goes by without me wanting another baby …

I do not know if it will happen if I'm my age, but I love the idea of ​​having a big family and I hope I'm lucky.

The love I feel for Azura is so pure and unconditional that I still stop and recover my breath with fear that Azuka and I have created this perfect little human being.

The main thing is to enjoy it in the present and be philosophical about the future, because what will be will be.

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SUCCESS: Amanda Holden, Dec and Alesha Dixon with the Entertainment Program Award for BGT

If the slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarians …

I stopped eating meat six years ago and never looked back.

Animal welfare was at the forefront of my decision, but I would never condemn people who make other decisions about what they eat.

I enjoy a drink!

I like to drink, although not in excess.

A good red wine is my best choice.

You can not really beat Châteauneuf-du-Pape in a good restaurant.

"To continue feeling and look my best, I like to maintain a healthy diet and eat the right foods by cutting refined sugars and processed foods"

Alesha Dixon

I'm obsessed with coconut and I love adding it to all dishes …

I'm obsessed with exotic foods like coconut and I love that there are so many coconut foods available at the moment.

I love adding coconut to anything, especially the dishes I make with a Caribbean touch.

The Groovy Food Company also produces organic coconut flour, which is essential for cooking at home. Pancakes are a favorite of the family and we regularly make them with coconut flour.

They know very well and have added nutrients.

Enjoying natural foods and vegetables is the key to living a healthy and balanced life!

To continue to feel and look my best, I like to maintain a healthy diet and eat the right foods by eliminating refined sugars and processed foods.

I focus on healthy ingredients, such as vegetables and lots of fruit. But you can afford the strange taste and smile.

Everything is about balance!

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MOM AND DAD: Alesha, who is the mother of Azura, four, with her partner Azuka Ononye

When I was younger I could not stand looking in the mirror without full makeup …

I always used hair extensions, false eyelashes and lots of makeup in Mis-Teeq.

I hid behind them.

When I got home and took everything off, I felt diminished and unattractive because that mask gave me confidence.

Now I only wear makeup for work, and there is a glamor squad of professionals to make it a reality.

Afterwards, it's a relief to take it off and be me.

Maybe that's the main difference between being 20 and 40 years old, my self-esteem does not depend on a blow.

Coconut oil is my best kept beauty secret.

Natural products are less hard on the skin and most people do not know that coconut oil works very well as an eye make-up remover.

I love using the Virgin Organic Coconut Oil from The Groovy Food Company since I would use a regular cleansing oil.

I also do a body scrub once a week.

I mix the oil with their organic coconut sugar: they mix very well with each other and it is so quick and easy to make.

Once a week, I make a DIY mask with 2-4 tablespoons of oil and massage it into my hair. I leave it for 45 minutes and then wash it.

It is ideal to moisturize hair, give a healthy shine and protect it from split ends.


POWERFUL: Alesha says that Azura has made her a better person

Being a mom is my greatest joy and my biggest challenge …

Every day I try to be the best and most patient version of myself.

Sometimes it's a fight but, from my heart, I can say that Azura has made me a better person.

Thanks to her I try to control my activity and be more calm and attentive, although it is not always easy.

Azuka is very affectionate with her, with both of us.

I love seeing them together and seeing that wonderful bond growing stronger.

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AUTHOR: Alesha Dixon released her first book & # 39; Lightning Girl & # 39; this year

Cooking with natural ingredients is so important to inspire Azura to enjoy a balanced diet.

I am always aware of my daughter's well-being and mentality.

A key way to ensure that you stay healthy is by making sure that you always cook with unrefined ingredients, so that you learn to enjoy a balanced and natural diet.

We try to get away from processed and refined foods and choose alternatives that are more natural.

For example, I always use a coconut oil instead of vegetable oil for cooking or frying.

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