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Alec Baldwin questions prosecutor’s conduct in ‘Rust’ case


Alec Baldwin has questioned the conduct of the New Mexico district attorney and complained that his right to a fair trial has been threatened by her actions.

Baldwin and his attorneys said comments made by a spokesperson for prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altwies attacking the actor and his lawyer implied his guilt and questioned whether the comments violated New Mexico’s Rules of Professional Conduct, according to a court filing. of the First Judicial District of New Mexico. on Tuesday.

Baldwin’s team said former special counsel Andrea Reeb, who resigned as special counsel, had also made comments in the press that hinted at the actor’s guilt without mentioning the presumption of innocence.

“The government’s conduct represented a breach of its ethical duties and has threatened Mr. Baldwin’s right to a fair trial,” Baldwin’s attorney said in the filing. A representative for the district attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The prosecutors’ comments followed Baldwin’s call to disqualify Reeb, who joined the “Rust” prosecution team last summer during his campaign for a seat in the New Mexico Legislature. The Republican took over from her in the legislature on January 1.

Carmack-Altwies could not be reached for comment.

The high-profile allegation has come under intense scrutiny. Baldwin and gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez Reed have been charged with manslaughter for the fatal accidental shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the western “Rust” in 2021.

Baldwin’s comments were made in a filing withdrawing her request to disqualify the special counsel because her role conflicted with her position as a representative in the New Mexico legislature. However, his lawyers added that he did not waive his right to challenge the prosecution because of the conduct of the prosecutors.

The actor’s presentation took advantage of the revelations of the New York Times earlier this week of private email exchanges between Reeb and Carmack-Altwies that suggested she was working on the impeachment to further her political career. Neither Reeb nor Carmack-Altwies have commented on the trade.

“The prosecution of Representative Reeb in this case against Mr. Baldwin to further his political career is yet another abuse of the system and another violation of Mr. Baldwin’s constitutional rights,” Baldwin’s attorneys wrote.

In a statement, Reeb said the “charges brought against Baldwin were not for political reasons,” that she did not speak to the press during her campaign and that her communications were taken out of context.

“Mr. Baldwin’s lawyers will do anything to divert their client’s situation onto me and anyone else,” he said. “I think it’s time people start remembering that this case is about Alec Baldwin taking away from him life to Mrs. Hutchins. It’s not about anything else.”

Reeb’s resignation from his post was the second blow to the prosecution launched by the Baldwin camp.

District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies already had to drop a firearms enhancement charge that added a possible five-year mandatory prison sentence to the manslaughter charges Baldwin faces. The move came after objections from Baldwin and Gutierrez Reed that the charge was added incorrectly.

Baldwin’s team noted that the relevant legislation had not gone into effect in New Mexico until several months after the shooting occurred. Furthermore, they argued, the statute that existed at the time applied only to cases where the shooting involved intent to wound, which Baldwin was not since the discharge was accidental.

If the case goes to trial and Baldwin is found guilty, he could face up to two years in prison. Baldwin has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges and denied any wrongdoing.

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