Aldi Australia customer is confused after buying the same snacks with different health stars


Aldi customer gets confused after buying two same snacks with completely different star ratings – but there is an easy explanation

  • A customer has noticed two different health star ratings for the same Aldi snack
  • One had a health star rating of three, while the other had a score of 0.5
  • Other customers on Facebook were also confused by the predicament
  • An Aldi spokesperson said the product has recently been ‘reformulated’

An Aldi customer is baffled after noticing two different health stars on the same bag of butter-flavored popcorn.

The woman shared an image with Aldi Mums Australia’s Facebook group and pointed out that the packages were identical, but one had a health star rating of three and the other a score of 0.5.

The woman clarified that each pack had a different expiration date, despite being purchased on the same day.

The social media post confused other customers who wondered why ratings would differ for the same product.

The woman shared an image with Aldi Mums Australia’s Facebook group, pointing out that the packages were identical – but one had a health star rating of three while the other had a score of 0.5.

Several asked if the energy rating was different between the two, while some considered whether there was more butter in it.

“One is probably made with real butter and the other with only butter flavor. Look at the ingredients panel, ‘wrote one woman.

“ They recently changed some star ratings so it could be related to that, ” said another.

“I would go with three stars so I wouldn’t feel so guilty,” said a third.

A spokesperson for Aldi Australia cleared the confusion and told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We recently reformulated our butter-flavored popcorn range to significantly reduce the amount of saturated fat, resulting in a higher Health Star Rating.

“We are currently moving to the latest iteration of the product, so customers can see both versions on the shelves for a short time.”

The health star rating system is designed to show the ‘nutritional profile’ of packaged foods to indicate to customers how healthy the food is.

What are health star ratings based on?

Reviews are based on:

* Total energy (kilojoules)

* Saturated fat, sodium (salt) and sugar content – Consuming too many of these high-risk nutrients has been linked to overweight and obesity, some cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

* Fiber, protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes – increasing the consumption of these nutrients and ingredients is good for your health

Source: Health Star Rating