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Alan Wake 2 beats Spider-Man 2 in graphics power on PS5 | -WhatsNew2Day


This week we got a new and first look at the gameplay of the highly anticipated horror game Alan Wake 2 from the iconic studio Remedy. Although the show was exciting from beginning to end, the gameplay scenes that appeared during it were really impressive, as if they were as good as cinematic scenes.

The interesting thing is that the director of communication in the Remedy studio Thomas Buha He confirmed that what we saw of gameplay scenes in the video, along with the cinematic clips, were all 100% working on the PlayStation 5. In other words, this is what we will get in terms of graphics quality when the game comes into our hands next October.

Earlier in 2021, during the development process of Alan Wake 2, Buha said that the development team wants to maximize graphics quality through this game to make it the best during 2023. And it seems that the team has succeeded in that through what we saw in This is a great review.

Of course, during the event we were able to catch a glimpse of the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Spider-Man 2, which was previewed in depth and is running directly on the new Sony device. Although it impressed us in terms of gameplay and movement, it was not the strongest game in terms of graphics quality. Where Alan Wake 2 outperformed it in a very big way.

From what we have seen so far, Alan Wake 2 may be the best in terms of graphics during 2023, but it remains to be seen what the Xbox Starfield game that will be reviewed next month might look like and whether it will perhaps surpass the graphics quality of the Remedy studio game or not. no.

The horror and survival game Alan Wake 2 will be released on next generation platforms and PC on October 17 of this year.

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