Alabama man charged with home invasion and attempted rape found with 400 pairs of underwear

Alabama man, 27, charged with home burglary and attempted rape of a woman, is found with 400 PAIR of women’s underwear

  • John Thomas Uda, 27, charged with attempted rape, burglary, criminal surveillance and 50 counts of voyeurism
  • Uda is being held on over $1 million bond after authorities say he assaulted a woman in her home
  • He was later found in possession of more than 400 pair of panties
  • Researchers think some of the underwear may have been bought online
  • Uda is also accused of taking photos of colleagues from the neck down, which he would use to please himself

John Thomas Uda (pictured) was found to have 400 pairs of women’s underwear when police searched his home in Dothan, Alabama

Police who searched the home of a man suspected of assaulting an Alabama woman have found more than 400 women’s panties, authorities said.

Investigators also found dozens of photos of John Thomas Uda’s colleagues taken from the neck without their consent, leading to 50 counts of voyeurism, Dothan police said.

Uda, 27, is also charged with attempted rape, three counts of burglary, aggravated criminal surveillance and two counts of illegal credit card possession.

Police are trying to figure out how many of those 400 pairs of women’s underwear may have been stolen. Researchers said worn panties can also be purchased on the Internet.

“We have a theory that some were bought online because there’s a market for them,” Dothan told Police Lt. Scott Owens.

Uda was accused of stealing women’s underwear from laundromats in 2019, authorities said.

He was arrested on July 10 after a woman called the police about a man breaking into her apartment. The two fought and the woman was hospitalized with “minor injuries.”

Uda ran before officers arrived, but they determined his identity from the sales invoice for the woman’s stolen game console, police said.

Further investigation revealed that Uda allegedly broke in to sexually assault her.

After his arrest, Uda would have confessed to having previously broken into the same apartment to steal the woman’s game console.

Uda is facing other charges as a result of a myriad of separate incidents in which Uda allegedly drove a woman home, saw her undress and then took pictures of her debit card and her son’s social security card.

Uda was later found in possession of over 400 pairs of women’s panties (file photo)

The state’s voyeurism law only came into effect on September 1, 2019.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the anti-voyeurism bill that year banning “upskirting” — that is, when a photo is taken of a skirt or blouse worn by women without her consent.

The law makes it a crime to take an image without a person’s permission.

Prison records do not show whether Uda had a lawyer. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

“If we can keep him in jail, the public will certainly benefit,” said Dothan Police Officer Lieutenant Scott Owens.