Airbnb will add more supervision to its Experiences program

Airbnb announces new guidelines for its Experiences program, including more screening for risky or specialized experiences. The rules are intended to improve the safety and quality of the program, which complements Airbnb's short-term rental with paid activities such as hiking, diving and mushroom hunting.


According to a statement, the company strives to make all experiences & # 39; 100 percent verified & # 39; and repeats a promise it has previously made for rent lists. It does not explain exactly what verification entails, but the process involves viewing information from guests. Airbnb also extends the list of activities that are considered "technically specialized". Hosts of technically specialized experiences should be able to provide proof of permits for the activities, as well as certifications and licenses if applicable. The category already includes activities such as helicopter flights and white water rafting and works together with the Adventure Travel Trade Association to make guidelines.

Hosts will soon have to provide proof of permits for outdoor activities in the vicinity of bodies of water, high altitude walks and backcountry skiing, among other experiences. They must also prove that they receive the required permits for experiences in National Park and US Forest Service countries – in other words, comply with rules that they should already follow. Airbnb says it can also expand the list of "risky" activities that have been banned from Experiences, including currently outdoor skydiving, bungee jumping and ice climbing.

Airbnb said earlier this month that the supervision of its short-term rentals would expand. In that case the news followed two big pieces of bad press: a Vice report during a major scam operation and a shooting where five people died in an Airbnb rental. Experiences is a much smaller program and it has not produced controversial controversies – but as Airbnb makes clear, guests can participate in activities that can be unpleasant or downright dangerous if done badly.

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