Airbnb is trying to cancel Hot Vax Summer by extending the party ban until fall


The hot Vax summer is fast approaching: vaccination rates are on the rise and many people are ready to get out and party hard – except for Airbnb. Her extension of the global ban on parties through the summer as it tries to “cultivate safe and responsible travel through our platform”.

The company notes in the renewal announcement that the global party ban has already “proved popular with our Host Community,” noting that most Airbnb hosts had banned the hosting of raw parties of their choice in their own ad rules prior to the platform-wide ban last August.

Airbnb points out that the party ban was already indefinite, so today’s announcement is less of an extension but more of a clarification for customers who asked if it would be lifted in time to throw an epic rager over the summer.

The extended ban isn’t the first step Airbnb has taken to throw some cold water at post-pandemic parties: in April, the company announced its “Summer of responsible travel” plan and ban one-night and last-minute travel on the July 4th weekend for guests without a history of positive Airbnb reviews.

The company also previously offered hosts discounts on Airbnb sound detection devices to make it easier for them to monitor and accommodate rude guests. Neighborhood support line to allow neighbors to file complaints from parties directly to the company.