Air New Zealand apologizes after staff asked woman in sportswear to cover up on flight

Airline apologizes to passenger after telling her she showed too much skin to fly – while wearing TWO crop tops and long gym shorts

  • Courtney Newbold says Air New Zealand staff asked her to hide a flight
  • Woman wore high-waisted gym shorts and two cropped shirts on ‘scalding hot day’
  • New Zealand airline staff told woman she was ‘showing too much skin’
  • Air New Zealand apologized to the woman for the way the situation was handled

Air New Zealand has apologized after employees asked a passenger to cover up before boarding a flight because her clothing was too revealing.

Courtney Newbold was boarding a flight from Rarotonga in the Cook Islands to Auckland on Friday when two different flight attendants said her outfit showed ‘too much skin’.

Ms Newbold was dressed in high-waisted long joggers and two crop tops when her clothing drew comments at the gate.

Courtney Newbold was wearing two crop tops and high-waisted joggers (pictured) when Air New Zealand staff said her outfit showed ‘too much skin’

“An employee had commented on my outfit at the gate so I asked my friend if I could borrow their jacket,” Ms Newbold told Daily Mail Australia.

Ms Newbold planned to put the jacket on as soon as she got on the plane, but when she reached the stairs she was met by a second flight attendant who commented on her outfit again.

“I hadn’t gotten around to putting it on yet, so when we reached the stairs, another employee said, ‘You’re showing too much skin,'” she recalled.

“Rarotonga is quite a conservative area, so I suspect it’s a cultural thing.”

Ms Newbold said she was already stressed because it was a sweltering day outside with temperatures even higher at the airport.

“Most of my clothes were stowed away, so I wondered where they expected me to get more clothes,” she said.

“I was lucky I had my friend’s jacket, otherwise I probably would have been stopped from boarding.”

Newbold believes the comments are an example of people monitoring women’s bodies saying, “I’ve had major physical problems, people have no right to comment.”

Air New Zealand apologized to Ms Newbold and said the airline was investigating the issue (stock image)

Air New Zealand apologized to Ms Newbold and said the airline was investigating the issue (stock image)

“There were certainly men on the run who wore less than me, in T-shirts and shorts.”

On Monday evening, Ms Newbold received a call from Air New Zealand’s general manager, customer Leeanne Langridge, after she posted a complaint on the airline’s Facebook page on Friday.

“They got in touch and apologized, the outcome was ultimately satisfactory,” said Ms Newbold.

She claimed Langridge said the dress rule was not the airline’s policy and the incident will be investigated.

Ms Newbold was also offered her 100 Air New Zealand flight points.

Air New Zealand confirmed that Langridge had apologized for how the situation had been handled.

“Our intention is always to put customers first and to ensure that those who travel with us feel welcome and have a comfortable journey,” Langridge said in a statement to stuff.