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After the border shooting… Al-Sisi discusses with Netanyahu “coordination” to uncover the circumstances of the incident


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed “coordination” over the incident of an Egyptian security officer firing on the border between the two countries, which led to the death of three Israeli soldiers before he was killed, according to official sources on Tuesday.

Al-Sisi received a call from Netanyahu regarding “the shooting incident that took place on the Egyptian-Israeli border on Saturday,” and the two sides agreed on “the importance of full coordination to uncover all the circumstances of the incident, and the continuation of work and coordination in the context of bilateral relations,” according to presidential spokesman Ahmed Fahmy on his page. official on Facebook.

Netanyahu’s office confirmed the call, noting in a statement that Sisi “expressed his deepest condolences.” He added that the Israeli prime minister thanked the Egyptian president for his “commitment to an in-depth and joint investigation into this incident,” and that the two officials stressed their “commitment to strengthening peace and security cooperation.”

On Saturday, an Egyptian security officer shot three Israeli soldiers before he was killed in a border area between the two countries, in a rare incident that Netanyahu described at the time as “dangerous and unusual.”

Both sides confirmed their cooperation in the investigation.

The two sides differed about what happened. The Israeli army announced that an “attacker” had killed two of its soldiers at the border, before killing a third and wounding another in an exchange of fire during a pursuit that also resulted in his death. The authorities said the attacker was an “Egyptian policeman”.

For its part, the Egyptian armed forces said that a “security element” was chasing drug smugglers who had crossed the border, which caused an “exchange of fire”, as a result of which he was killed.

The incident did not receive wide coverage in the Egyptian media, most of which contented themselves with the military statement. While the authorities did not officially announce the name of the security officer, local media indicated that he was a recruit named Mohamed Salah, 22 years old, and hails from one of the governorates north of Cairo.

Thousands of people attended the funerals of the three soldiers, which were held Sunday in Israel.

For its part, Cairo did not officially announce whether it had received the body of the security officer.

An Egyptian delegation consisting of military officials and representatives of the Ministry of Defense arrived in Israel on Sunday as part of the joint investigation, according to an informed source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The source confirmed that the attacker was not linked to Islamic organizations, but it seems that he has become extremist, especially in his relationship with religion.

The Israeli army is trying to verify how the Egyptian security personnel managed to penetrate the border, in light of the existence of a barrier that extends along the border, with a height of meters.

In 1979, Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty, in a step that was the first in the Arab world, a year after the signing of the Camp David Treaty.

The border between the two countries is usually calm. However, it has witnessed repeated attempts to smuggle drugs, which led to clashes with live ammunition in recent years between smugglers and Israeli soldiers stationed along the border.

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