After revealing her 12-year-old daughter’s strict beauty guidelines, Mum Eliza Nixon splits the opinions

32-year-old mother of four is divided over her strict ‘beauty rules’ for her 12-year-old daughter

  • A mom has revealed the “beauty rules” she set for her pre-teen daughter
  • Eliza Nixon shared a video on TikTok that has been viewed more than 600,000 times
  • Her daughter Mia is not allowed to use mascara, dye her hair or get piercings



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A mother of four has hit back at critics after revealing the strict “beauty rules” she has set for her pre-teen daughter.

Eliza Nixon, from Melbourne, shared a TikTok video detailing the conversations she’s had with her 12-year-old daughter, Mia, about beauty.

In the video, the 32-year-old mother said, “There are so many things she wants to do that I just don’t find acceptable for her age.”

Eliza told FEMAIL that she was surprised the topic caused such controversy, with most people disagreeing with her makeup rules and not letting Mia color her hair.

The five different beauty categories include body hair, skin care, makeup, hair, and piercings.

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Mum Eliza Nixon Divides Opinions After Revealing Her Strict Beauty

In The Video, The 32-Year-Old Mother Said: 'There Are So Many Things She Wants To Do That I Just Don'T Find Acceptable For Her Age'

In The Video, The 32-Year-Old Mother Said: 'There Are So Many Things She Wants To Do That I Just Don'T Find Acceptable For Her Age'

Melbourne mum Eliza Nixon (left) described the “beauty rules” she has set for her pre-teen daughter Mia (left to right) in a TikTok video – but not everyone agrees.

Regarding body hair, Eliza wanted to wait for Mia to come over and talk about it.

“It’s not something I wanted to bring up with her because I didn’t want to make her self-conscious about something if she wasn’t already feeling self-conscious about it,” she said.

“As far as body hair goes, I’m fine with her removing her body hair however she feels comfortable. Except laser.’

What are the ‘rules of beauty’?

* No black mascara

* No piercings other than two in each lower earlobe

* No hair dye

* No laser hair removal, but shaving or waxing is allowed

* Use only Cetaphil cleanser and SPF 50+ moisturizer from Quick Screen for skin care

* When it comes to makeup, Mia is also allowed to use tinted lip gloss, an eyelash curler and liquid blush

Mia may use a light Cetaphil cleanser and SPF 50+ moisturizer from Quick Screen when it comes to skincare, but makeup is a little more complicated.

Eliza said she had a “really hard time” this year because she prefers Mia not to wear makeup because of her age.

“A lot of her friends wear bits and pieces, so I had to compromise somewhere,” she said.

“She may use concealer to cover up blemishes and blemishes that she feels self-conscious about, but she has absolutely no foundation at this stage.” It’s also an absolute no for mascara at her age.”

Mia can also use tinted lip gloss, eyelash curler and liquid blush, but never black mascara.

When it comes to hair rules, Eliza said, “I don’t let her dye her hair as long as possible. She has beautiful blonde hair.

“It’s gotten a little darker as she’s gotten older, so she’s willing to put bleach in it, but definitely not for me.”

Eliza is also strict when it comes to piercings, only allowing two on each lower earlobe and “that’s it.”

“Piercings — more than what she has now — are a conversation for when she’s 15 or older,” she said, closing the video with, “Those are my rules until she’s at least 13.”

The video has now been viewed more than 600,000 times and the comments seemed divided.

“Such a balanced approach, my parents were VERY strict when I was a teenager which caused sneaky behavior, compromise is always good!” one person wrote.

Another added: “I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t agree.”

Eliza told FEMAIL that she feels many parents can resonate with her concerns.

“In all things I try to have a balanced approach to parenting. I understand it’s important not to be overly restrictive, but I want my daughter to see herself as naturally beautiful and understand that some things have age restrictions,” said they. .

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